Any Wastes of Space at Raleigh?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by creddly, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Okay, story time lads.

    Were there ever any people at Raleigh, that ever made you wonder how in the hell they got there?

    In terms of no effort, poor fitness, not willing to muck in, abusive, etc?

    Basically were there any memorable people at Raleigh when you joined for all the wrong reasons?

  2. Yep, one of the guys I joined up with (can't remember his name now) couldn't do feckall for himself, and I mean getting dressed in the morning, everything!
    Didn't last too long thankfully!
  3. Lol he couldn't get dressed in the morning?

    Nice start thank you Lamri -- keep em coming shipmates!

    Oh and Lamri, I take it you love the derierre of our female counterparts?
  4. No names no pack drill, but Pellow 38 '89, you know who you are you [email protected]!!
  5. Oh, plenty. Sometimes you wonder how anyone got through the written test. But some people can't even keep themselves or their clothes clean. It's when the phrase 'team work' becomes a thorn in your side. But if they don't respond to help and want you to do everything for them, you have to leave them to dig their own graves.
  6. That guy I mentioned in my first post. Every time he dropped us in the sh1t we used to run him up the fireschool in relays until he was aware of his mistake (we would be busy sorting out his kit whilst this was happening by the way) but it didn't help!
  7. We had one bloke Mc Kernon,total numpty.he was sent to sweep out one of the drill sheds while the rest of us did the Capt Guard Selection competition!He was a wafu by the way!LOL
  8. this scroat in Oliver 09's 97, got caught pinching cash out of our lockers. had been happening for nearly 2 weeks, cash going missing ect. eventually he got caught in the act, after getting the kicking of his life. he was kicked out. he was 28 and had been done for theft and burglry 30 odd times before he joined up. How the fk did he get in ?

    Pier cellers, and some bloke got lost for nearly 9 hours
  9. Banister 74( Five foot two , eyes of brown who could it be but f£%^&*ng Bannister) if anything was wrong it was allways him.
    Got back classed after failing the final kit inspection had a whole week with nothing to do but his kit,could have bought new could have washed what kit he had,still failed.

    McGuiglesqueek , when kicked out after a couple of months trying, and 2 fleet baths, one of the charges was letting his kit falling in to an insanitary state
  10. I'm currently doing my basic training at Raleigh where there have been a few that haven't been able to make the grade but there was one particular guy who couldn't even do the basics. For a locker check one morning the guy just had a damp sock sitting on the wrong shelf inside his locker the rest of his kit was in the scran box. Not only that he was crap at everything the guy couldn't even pass the female fitness tests and he used to brag about making £500 a day selling viagra on the blackmarket or something like that this all coming from a potential AET. You've got to wonder how a guy like this was accecpted into the 'finest' navy in the world.
  11. Hellooooo! When are you coming to Sultan? We hoped the two of you AETs would be in our mess but you're not :( Did you ever sort out the Mystery of the Thieving Bastard?
  12. Jan '90, I started RNR Basic Training as a Probationary Killick Tiff (Greenie) Was Class leader for the 1st week as I was pretty good at sorting people out (Probably because I was a bit more mature than most of them) We had this guy from Scotia (Fife) 22 years old, He was actually adivised to join the RNR by his local jobcentre as they described him as unemployable! When I heard that I wondered to myself how he managed to look at himself in the mirror in the mornings. The answer came soon enough - put simply, the guy never looked in the mirror because he always got out of his bed adrift, in fact he was adrift for everything, worst of all the cnut thought it was funny. In the meantime the rest of us got punished for his indescretions etc. And eventually I got relieved of being Team Leader mainly because I almost stowed the twat on more than one occassion.
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    There are those that may suggest the Parade Ground would make a jolly good car park...

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