Any VIVID's around???

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by farmer_jack, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi I am (fingers crossed, and subject to all that bleeding paperwork...) going to be joining the RNR in a few months, and will become a Vivid... is there anyone around on here who can tell me what the establishment is like?

    Has is got any particular advantages, being so close to all the fleet activity in Devonport?

    Sorry is this sounds a bit wet, but its nice to get some inside information before you walk through the front door for the first time!

    Fantastic site by the way - stumbled across it a few weeks ago..... shame on anybody trying to censor posting activity though!
  2. Welcome aboard and "dont tell them your name Pike" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  3. A vivid what ;)
  4. Have you visited the unit yet? It's one of the larger ones and fairly well laid out. The only real issue is getting into the Dockyard in the first place, where security is, understandably, tight.

    I can't do to much flag waving for it just in case I get lots of abuse from other units saying how great they are. Then there's the prospect of all the tin-foil heads wading in and issuing dire warnings about how COMMARRES is personally monitoring the internet to identify and punish all malfactors who dare to imply that all is not well with the RNR.

    Seriously though, you should have a good time at Vivid. It'll be a good introduction to the RNR and should set you up nicely for the future.
  5. Thanks Lurch - thats good to know!

    I last visited Vivid a good few years back as a CCF'er.... so i expect it has changed a fair bit since then! From what I can remeber and from what I have been able to find out, it seems to have quite a good mix of branches/specialisions on offer....have you got a personal favourite?!


  6. well for a start its now moved from mount wise where it probably was when you went last if it was a good few years ago. It's on the dockyard itself, so don't get lost :lol: . I've got a few mates down there, good unit, and a very friendly bunch (like the rest of us really). good luck with it, and will see you around as my unit is in the same region as yours.

  7. They always seem to have all the kit everybody else is waiting for so the Devonport slops must be raided regularly. I've never been but i know one or two people from there and they're sound.

    Welcome aboard.
  8. Hi. I served in Vivid from 1994 to 2003 after 11 years in the RNXS. I found it a first-rate establishment and very friendly and welcoming. During my time there it moved from the old resettlement block to the JSOM building within Mount Wise - just up the road from the old Admiral's House. It is now within Devonport Dockyard, so the previous comments about security are very valid.
    Personally I was in the NCS (later NCAGS) specialisation, but I got on well with personnel from virtually all the other branches represented.
    I am sure you will have a good time at Vivid (not that you wouldn't in any other RTC!)
    Good luck and make the most of it.
  9. Thanks a lot Chiefy - helpful reply.


    ps...surely Her Britannic Majesty's finest NEVER panic?!?!? lol ;-)
  10. Yup, i'm at Vivid and have to say it is a great place with a sound bunch of people, great social events and nice and easy access to the dockyard and Raleigh just across the water!
  11. Thanks Furniss... good to know it is a decent outfit!

    Just out of curiosity - what is the balance like? From what I have heard there are a lot of long-serving Ossifers in some outfits, leading to the "too many chiefs" syndrome.... is Vivid ok or is it a bit top heavy with people weighted down by gold braid on their shoulders? lol :)

    Anyhoo, hope to find out myself withing the next few weeks!!!

  12. Nope, not top heavy at all i would say, have a few officers, even fewer senior rates but mostly junior rates= good times lol
  13. No, I just liked the avatar and nicked it from another site!

    However, if you don't hear an Iranian patrol boat arriving 'cos you're wearing your I-pod!!!!!!

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