Any views on charity for your own ends?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Jack_McHammocklashing, May 21, 2007.

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  1. The latest craze at work, is for someone who had always wanted to do something to get sponsored for "charity"

    Only I am a sceptical old barsteward
    Yes I always wanted to visit Peru and walk the mountains only it costs four grand

    Hi all at work I am doing a sponsored walk in Peru,
    Now I collect ten grand pay four grand for my always wanted to do holiday and donate six grand to charity

    I always wanted to pilot an aircraft, so
    Hi all at work I am doing a sponsored flight in a microlight, never done it before, collect four grand pay three grand for lessons and flights get my microlight pilots licence and donate "a grand" to charity

    Work magazine Jack flies for charity what a wonderful person Jack is
    he has donated sponsorship money of "a grand" to our charity
    Over the past two years Jack has donated over six grand to charity
    he is a wonderful chap and is sure for promotion

    Meanwhile Jack has had a wonderful holiday gained a pilots licence he could never had afforded and, in with the promotion stakes for being an all round good kid

    I thought the idea of charity was, you started with nothing did your own thing and donated "ALL" Sponsor money to the charity, not line your own pockets/ideals on the way

    Oh well maybe I am an old synic
  2. That makes 2 of us then, and by the way, it is not spelled 'synic' it is spelled 'realist'.
  3. I'm climbing Mt Everest next week (for charity) I need £50000 to go on the piss before I attempt it !!!

    Please Sponser me!!

    Tenzing gets half
  4. The Rotary club and Round Table have always pissed me off. Holding dinner dances and expensive lunches and pretending they are doing good deeds.
  5. Having been a Round Tabler in my youth (40 is the upper age limit) they do have a good social life as members, but the charity work is serious and certainly in my day they raised a lot of money, and all the members time for charity work was free, and I would certainly not put in the same category as these 'sponsored' holidays. Equally a group of mates from work enter a tram for a local raft race run by the Rotary as part of their summer event and all the money raised through sponsorship goes straight to the charity none is used to support the team.

    You may think such organisations are a trifle snooty, but I can assure you the conversations in the bar are just the same as the ones Jack has.
  6. Charity begins at home !!
    I need £20,000 for repairs anybody willing to donate and sponsor a brick you can get me

    Cheers in advance
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Damn; link doesn't work! Can you post your bank account and sort code so we can help you?! :lol:
  8. Always used to piss me off when "HELP THE AGED" used to knock on my mothers door and ask for a donation.

    Then we have the Christmas float bobbing about round table collecting for local charities. Not once did anybody knock on the front door of my mothers house and ask if everything was fine or hand over a box of goodies from local charities. Only through her kids looking after her did she have the fire burning in winter time.

    Totally against sponsored parachute jumps. Costs the health service thousands mending broken limbs.

    Remember when I was into fell running years back. The prat who worked for Powergen in the top office was sponsored by Powergen to go run here there everyplace. I was a far superior runner but no offer came this way probably looked better the administrative officer with the powergen shirt on.
  9. That is a very fair point when you think of it. No one actually goes out and donates anything to vulnerable people in their own homes.

    The only recollection I have of such thing is that as a child (not sure if they still do it now adays) is we would have to take a shoe box full of tinned foods, and convinent foods into school at harvest time, and then as small groups we would walk round the local streets and roads knocking on OAPS doors and donating these boxes to them out in the community to help them through the autumn/winter period. And also the elderly would be so grateful that people were still actually thinking of them!
  10. I must be lucky, as must be my family, we have always lived in areas where your neigbhors did look out for you, my mother till she died was part of a network of pensioners who kept an eye on each other, and had each others relatives phone numbers, and through variations in fortunes I have lived both in good solid middle class areas and some areas that were nt quite so socially attractive.

    I just love nosy neigbhors, the best security system you can have.
  11. ok ok I amit it I'm only doing a 10k fun run in the middle of summer because I want to see the sights of london ( more than likely from the backof the ambulance !)
  12. As Clive James once said, "The Church hall was full of tinned fruit for the old age pensioners, it had been collected door to door, most of it was donated by Old Age Pensioners".
  13. They came round last xmas collecting for the local old folks home so I gave them my mum and dad.
  14. Good on you
    No doubt you are running for charity, and will donate your proceeds

    You will not subtract from the donations your Annual gym fees
    a new pair of Nike trainers, socks shorts and vest (err support bra) etc
    and fees for said ambulance you will not see the Cuty Sark anyways!

    I support lots of charities, and indeed do work myself, but buggered if I am going to pay for someones exotic holiday

    I am doing a run ashore for charity next year
    I will visit straight street Malta and imbibe 40 bottles of hop leaf
    then on to Singers and bugis street, onward to wan chai, pop over to Perth WA then home
    If you could make donations then out of the £20k I should be able to donate £50 to charity on my return
  15. The biggest problem with Charity is the salary's paid by the Charity to the people running the charity they give themselves shed loads of dosh.
    for each pound donated about 20p goes to the poor kids or the mangy dogs

    I for one only give to the British Legion and the Lifeboats and would swerve any other tin rattlers. 8O 8O 8O
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I get asked to do charity jobs all the time, they usualy get the fcuk off pill. Why people expect me to work for bugger all whilst they have 30k company cars and 60k per year salaries...all paid for out of charity donations is beyond me.

    I got asked to do something for the princes trust a couple of years ago, the flunky on the phone said even Prince Charles would be there, well fcuking bugaloo I replied, if Prince Charles donates a full days wage from the duchy of cornwall I too would work for nowt....never did that job....

    I will however support the London Taxi drivers charity, they are working blokes like myself and they give up there time and resources for nothing, I am happy to match them in that regard. As for the rest of the whole "chariteee" industry, well I would'nt give them the steam off my shite.

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