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Any sound technicians out there


I don't mean sparkers, but someone who know about sound systems.

I have just watched the X-Factor and have never ever heard such poor quality sound. Were they actually using the microphones they were holding?
It sounded as if we were hearing the sound through the speakers, it was totally crap.

That plus the fact that the rubbish ones hid behind the backers so they couldn't be heard is another story.


War Hero
I know about sound systems from my jazz trio and I can only suppose what you are hearing on the box is not what you hear in the hall.
Bass speakers have a way of drowning everything out and feedback from the treble is just as annoying,but you would have thought it would have been set up correctly for the network.
I know nothing about TV acoustics but when we set up we place a band member at the rear of the hall[pub generally!] to get it right.
I don't watch the X Factor but it looks as if it was poorly set up.
Sometimes it's an advantage to use the sound system to drown the singer[generally me!] can't help much I'm afraid.
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