Any RR members living in France.........

I returned to the uk in 2006, after 20 years in France, so am unable to comment on 2012, but I enjoyed my time there in the Dordogne.:happy10:
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In a few months I will have lived in France for eight years. I have not once regretted making the move. The BBC article is flawed at every level. It seems to make a case for the UK over France but an other like-minded writer could have taken an equally spurious stand from the opposite point of view, it would be not difficult. I have just spent my annual week in North Yorkshire, (as required by Mrs Luonsa who insists on my company when she visits her sister); a trip I would not make of my own accord. I feel no need to go back to the UK but because I go I make the most of it We had a good time, apart from the weather, but it was in the countryside, not an urban conurbation. If we had gone to inner city London, Liverpool or Birmingham, etc I am sure that I could write a really dismal story of deprivation, squalor, fear, (of drugs, gangs and exploitation), that can be found in the wrong places all over the world. But not in Thirsk and not in the Charente-Maritime where I live. If you like where you are, fine . If you don't, do something about it. There are good places to live and bad places to live. I have found my good place and I don't plan to leave, other than to downsize when the time comes but it will still be in l'hexagone.
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