Any regrets from joining the silent service?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by waveyourflag, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Glad i joined Submarine service

  2. Wish i joined surface fleet

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  1. im pretty sure ill one day be a submariner and was just wondering if there were any regrets?
  2. goood :), also i was wondering what sortof places you visit in a submarine, cos i expect they cant go to all ports
  3. None what so ever :p
  4. I was quite lucky - went to lots of 'ports'. On an S Boat, as I was, you escorted a carrier, even if it had gone on fire and couldn't make it!! (Global 86!!), so San Diego, San Francisco, Pearl Harbour (spelt correctly!!) we even went through the Panama Canal. Surfaced before you ask etc etc.

    Had lots of jollies, loved 'em all. Only regret was not actually surfacing under the ice, as we were supposed to - can't say more than that!!
    Also Faslane, Guzz, what more can you want! :lol: :lol:
  5. sounds nice, id like to be a logistics officer(submarine) when i leave 6th form :)
  6. None whatsoever. Only places I never made it to was the Far East and the Pacific, other than that jollies all over the place.
  7. Should never have left the Tiptoe in 68 to be a skimmer. Great days.
  8. Lived the dream!
  9. Not being a submariner I shouldnt really comment, but having worked with a lot of submariners in Gib and Northwood, I have met a lot of disenfranchised submariners, more so than their surface colleagues. But if you are wishing to join as an officer you will get to experience surface vessels prior to submarines during your IST phase at Dartmouth. If you want operational stability(ability to plan your life) and extra money submarines are for you, but have no illusions, submariners earn their extra spends twice over.
  10. Too quiet for my liking.
  11. what is?
  12. i would go skimmers first, i was a guzz based boat and their brilliant plan was to deploy east of suez for 9 - 12 months with our jollies being in Diego Garcia sleeping on a yank base to save money for hotels and subsistence. so majority of time on sneaky ops and then the delights of tents. no visits for families either, strange though if WE DO go to somewhere nice for the token standover we normally get senior officers coming out to visit so they can let us know about how they are looking after your welfare! at least the 6 months i did in Afghanistan we could phone home and send email home.
  13. no regret, just lived the dream :D
  14. I regret leaving boats to join the army, but I still have my Dolphins on my Mess dress to remind me how good I was.
  15. Serves yer right!!

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