Any recommendations on where to go in the carribian in August?

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by dsgrnmcm, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. And anyone know of any pussers greys in the area (to avoid)
  2. Not quite the Carribean but Bermuda is brilliant and unlikely to have a pussers grey in :)
  3. Antigua. Went there on honeymoon. Was ace. Nelson was a former NBC there!
  4. Cuba. The rest of the Caribbean is an absolute shithole and full of cruise lining twats who are far more annoying than a ship's company.
  5. My recommendation would be to choose somewhere else, as the poster above stated and I wholeheartedly concur, the place is an utter shithole.
  6. In August I would recommend anywhere that has good Hurricane shelters, bet its cheap at that time of the year.
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  7. Don't go, it's too fkn hot
  8. Whats wrong with Skegness?
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  9. Anywhere that a cruise ship will not pull into.
    Cuba, might be interesting. Haiti even.
  10. Spliff villa - Montego bay (for rent)

    Come to Jamaica man! I have a luxury time-share for rent. It's the one made of wood - none of that tin crap for me. A tenner a week per person. Hot and cold running sewage. Fully serviced and all waste food is removed by a team of giant rats specifically trained for the purpose. There's only been eight murders on the estate since New Years Day (a new record for the area). Special discount for holiday-makers at J'Bob's Spliff shop three huts down and a welcome pack of coconuts, boiled goat, rice'n'peas is provided. Enjoy your stay.

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  11. 'Kinell Billy....................wot, no complimentary Bovril ? :coffee2:
  12. You're talking about the Carribean Club in Watford, right?

    Otherwise, I seem to have wandered into the officer's forum by mistake.

  13. Andros.........
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I agree with Angry Doc, Antigua is my favourite place out there. Not sure why Drewfester thinks Bermuda will be clear of war canoes, it's as likely a stop as anywhere else.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Antigua is good, so is Jamaica if you get a hotel out of town, stay away from Kingston full stop, Montego bay is ok for a visit but look at getting an all inclusive deal at a hotel further down the coast in the 'trellawny" (I think) area. If you're really minted look at going to the British Virgin Islands.
  16. Negative minted, did a bit on the plum.

    After talking to my boss who was based out there back in the day, he convinced me to go to Antigua, and the grand pineapple beach resort was his top tip. Hopefully meet up with some of his ex-pat mate's, some work at the "royal naval tot of rum club"
  17. Try Dudley Port its ace and no war ship.
    Language is a slight problem but they will understand you so half the battle won.
  18. Surprised about the dislike of the Caribbean as I always loved it there, with a few notable exceptions I suppose.

    Then again I like Poland.

    Streatham has its moments as well.
  19. I preferred grand Turk. Don't know about civvi accommodation there though
  20. Peurto Rico is a toilet, the black Angus however was still open last time I went.

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