Any PCSO's on board ?

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by The_Wonderer, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    So; Im thinking about a career change at the mo, and visited my local job centre yesterday to discover that merseyside police are currently recruiting PCSO's (Police Community Support Officers).
    I'm undecided as wether to bother applying for this job basically because I dont know much about it, so I'm wondering if there are any on RR who can advise / discuss.
    I've always wanted to make a difference in my community (more like bang a few heads together) , and the pay is good too; but I've seen first hand the shit these people have to put up with, and am wondering if its really worth it.

    (Do they really have any authority at all?)
  2. wheres SPB or the reggies when you need em,

    typical - you have a sneaky look at dodgy porn and they catch you every time.

    first time someone wants em and there off eating donuts
  3. What's wrong with being a PROPER COPPER? Plastic Plods are a waste of space.
  4. I don't think the PCSOs will last for much longer. THe promising ones will be turned into police officers and the crap ones will be made redundant.

    PCSOs start on 16k. PCs on 21k. I'd rather have 3 PCs on hand for 63k than 4 PCSOs for 64k.

    They have less powers than most citizens. They can't go into situations that may be dangerous or confrontational.
  5. I don't see why they don't get rid of PCSO's and start paying Special Constables for their time. After all, specials have exactly the same powers as a regular bobby where as the PCSO's have the same powers as a member of the public which are very limited. Specials do it out of the goodness of their heart and only have to do 4 hrs per week. Start paying them the same hourly rate as a regular and I'm sure they will turn out more often and do a better job.
  6. Now that suggestion is far too sensible for the government to implement.
  7. I left the mob four years ago and after a long and very hard think I decided to become a PCSO. At first I was dubious as they had got a bit of a bad name. Now I would not change this for the world. I am out and about all day. Where a "proper copper" as you call them is desk bound doing paperwork most the day. I get involved in just as many arrests as most of my regular PC colleagues. I have caught people carrying knives, drugs, persistant offenders and the usual scrotes and dregs of society. All of these people have gone to court and had various penalties placed upon them.

    Many police officers like the idea of having PCSO's around. Yes some go on to become PC's and some dont. PCSO's WILL NOT be scrapped as they are now too much of an asset.

    People on here should get thier facts straight before shouting off thier big mouths. You lot just believe what you read in the daily rags and on the TV. Bet half of you aint ******* man enough to put a uniform on and risk being slapped, stabbed or shot every day, ******* *********!!!!!!

    I think you will find that the Special Constabulary as its fair share of ******* idiots as well! I know that a few I have worked with are a shilling short of a full purse!
  8. So you've got a bit of a complex, then.
  9. "Regular PC Colleagues" eh?
    Who told you that PCSO's were on a par with the Police then?
  10. People skills for one!

    A PCSO I know loves her job, meets and deals with people all the time...WITHOUT the bollocks of paperwork that PC's are tied up with.

    After all, what IS the attraction of arresting someone followed by reams and shitloads of paperwork, hassle, vomit, abuse, violence. When you've done all you can, let some other (better paid) idiot clear the mess up!!
  11. Having been a PROPER COPPER, and still have many friends who are, I stand by my comment, most of you are a waste of space! Those with anything about them, go on to become a qualified PC. The bollix about paperwork dos'nt wash I'm afraid. You are either a Copper or you are'nt, and you are'nt!
  12. I sincerely hope that you used to get someone else to do your paperwork.
  13. And I sincerly hope that one day when your getting your heads stoved in that the very people you are slagging off turn thier ******* backs! Some people just dont want to be police officers(like me). I have my reasons for not wanting to be a Police Officer and being a PCSO is a lot better I can assure you all!

  14. With an attitude like that, I can't see you being a jumped up traffic warden for much longer.
    Because that's all you are.
  15. I'm a special constable and do about 20 hours a week, yes and its for the love of it.

    I can only speak for the ones i know but PCSO's are policing on the cheap!!!

    They have very limited powers and usually dont leave the station unless there's a gang of them. Too scared to go outside the station. No powers and no enthusiam to serve and protect, but like i say thats just the ones i know and like every job u get incredibly good and useless people performing the role.

    In both cases, i put it down to the management of these officers. I'm sure PCSO's will phase out over the next 3-4 years and like previously quoted the good ones will transfer to PC roles and the ''useless'' ones will leave the force. Spending this money on regular officers will have a far gerater advantage and benefit to the communities served.
  16. Hahahahahaha!
  17. Well if we are phased out then I can see the various forces and government paying a lot in compo etc. As for what we do I work for BTP and patrol between London and Brighton. As a force we are given all the powers available to PCSOs including limited powers to search and the use of handcuffs. We always patrol in twos do to the environment we work. As previously stated we deal with all sorts of things and have to deal with confrontation on a daily basis. I very rarely patrol with a PC and only call one when we have collared someone that needs arresting, at which point I do a statement and leave to go back out.
    The police officers I have worked with like us, think we are an asset and get us involved in all kinds of work at every oppurtunity. I would not have it any other way. Problem is people are disillusioned by what they read in the papers and the few PCSOs that really are donoughts!
    Before peole mouth off they should talk to us and give us a chance. Like wise I have worked with some real numpty special constables that didnt know thier ********* from thier elbows. Yet I dont slag them off, I help them when and where I can!
  18. Perhaps this forum would be worth visiting if you want a decent and considered answer to your question.
  19. You're obviously aware of the esteem in which you're held because of the defensive way you approach the subject.

    Neither fish nor fowl.

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