any other waiting for start dates for hms raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ncharris, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. hi

    just wondering if any other people are hoping on getting start date s for 2011

    i've recently been on the RNAC but am now just waiting for a start date now
  2. Hi,

    I'm waiting for a start date this year and should be finding out this month when I'll be off to Raleigh.
  3. I've been told October 2011 been waiting since oct 2009
  4. Hi, im waiting for a start date!
    Been waiting since Dec 2009
  5. what branches have you all choosen?
    i'm w.e.s.m
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There are an estimated 2000+ applicants awaiting an entry date, but fewer than 1100 RN rating entrants expected this year, with the 'average' wait being somwhere between 18 & 24 months depending on trade & time of taking the recruiting tests.

    Again, your AFCO are best placed to advise estimated entry dates as each candidate differs.

    Generally entry dates are allocated about a term ahead, so those starting in June, will find out no later than March (unless it's a short notice/previously cancelled place)
  7. I'm mw not to fussed about the wait as there is nothing I can do about it just cracking on with the training!
  8. ive chosen to go in as CIS.
  9. Keep going guys I'm in the same position been waiting since June 09 it will come.
  10. Thanks for the info Ninja, very good to know.

    I'm applying for Aircraft Controller and applied in Jan 09.
  11. I've also been waiting since October 09, good thing's come to those who wait, in all fairness i've found the time has flown by, keep banging on with the phys and enjoy the wait :wink:
  12. glad ive found someone else whos been waiting since June 09
  13. What you going in as chescaa
  14. WS :)
  15. Just phoned the Afco got another 18 months wait on top of the 18 months I have already waited. Ninja does the 36 month wait for seaman specialist start from when you take your RT test if applying now. If you have already been bid for entry which my was in June 09 as you are aware do we still have to wait the whole 36 months if you get what I mean. I'm in a bit of a predicament with my RT test as I retook my last RT test in June 10 as my last RT test expired due to me already taken test quite along time ago. The last test was my third the other two one I failed the other I passed entered in to Raleigh and had few family troubles so had to PVR which is something I regret but at the time was appropriate. I'm just hoping that I get in before this RT test runs out otherwise I'm stuffed. My Afco are not really being helpful as all they say is we phone you if we get a change. I explain that I would just like an update on times and rough estimate on hopefully starting. I will wait the time it's just annoying I'm just trying to think of what to do in the meantime. Thanks sorry to be a pain if I'm asking a stupid question.
  16. Been waiting since March 09
  17. Does anyone know what the current waiting time is for AC? the last I had heard it was up to 36 months was just wondering if anyone with their ear to the ground has any updates???
  18. I've been waiting since September 09 to join as an ETWE. Hoping this year is the year. :)
  19. I've also been waiting since sept '09 for ETWE
  20. i have been waiting since july 09 to join as CT i was hoping to be in before raleigh closed last year but i didnt i went on RNAC in october and my CA said i should hear something in january so im hoping for an start date about may something like that. The wait has done my head in especially since rnac but that made me want it even more, but the extra time has worked out well as ive managed to get my 2.4k run down to 8.52

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