Any one got Hive?


Lantern Swinger
Just signed up to get Hive fitted to " control the heating at home!" As the Mrs was on about it.
Anyone else got it?
Been told that we could save as much as £150 a year once it's fitted. We currently have a mechanical heating / hot water control for our boiler and are hoping to save as we can be more accurate in when we need either or both
Has anyone else got Hive and has it made a difference to their bills?
During the numerous British Gash visits and their incompetence they have offered us HIVE for £99 (half price). Might get it done in the new year?

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Lantern Swinger
Had one fitted a few weeks ago as we'd just fitted a new boiler and SWMBO wanted a new controller. Seems to work ok and is easy to use. Not a bad price either compared to wired controllers or other inter web options.
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