Any of your Ancestors done a runner??


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Well my Uncle joined the Army in 65 to throw the Boys in Blue off his tail, he'd been running an exchange engine business, problem was, he was nicking the cars to supply the stock.

Did a runner from the Army in 68 one step ahead of the MP's when the contents of the Married Quarters furnature store at his barracks ended up on sale in some local German flea markets…

Decided to hide by joining the Navy, problem was, he used my Dads birth certificate to do it, when my Gran died in 1970 he was rumbled…

Jumped ship one step ahead of the Crushers, turned up in Darwin 6 months later and dissapeared shortly afterwards with the Oz Boys in Blue in hot pursuit.

Last we heard he was rumoured to be lurking up in deepest Western Oz.

He was a born crook but he had to admire at his bloody cheek!


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Whilst cataloguing historical records at the MoD 1989-2003, came across an incident when Prince Charles wnt to the USA on JUPITER(?) in the 70s. A rather old guy turns up at the gangway, escorted by the assorted media et al, and demanded to surrender hinself to Prince C personally as he was an RN deserter. Well Chas is ashore, doing his Royal visiting duties, so will the Skipper do ? This old guy, had apparently jumped ship in Canada, gone over the border and settled in the States. When Uncle Sam entered WW II, he joined the USN, and served throughout 1941-1945, thereby entitling him to "Veterean " status. After much exchange of signals, telexes etc, the old guy was given an administrative discharge from the RN, with effect from 1923 ! The only thing he seemed to miss was the privilege of saying when asked "how long are you absent ?" was "30 odd years, work that bastard out in hours and minutes !" Will dig out the NA reference - you'll piss yourself laughing if you read the file.
Such a relief... no deserters in the family, just a relative who made a false confession to protect his older brother and was transported to Australia for 7 years. Got released and returned to Tolpuddle and became a builder. Died in a workhouse.


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Surprised to find none of my ancestors on the list, despite coming from a long line of Irish Republicans... then again I know my ancestors would probably not have been stupid enough to join the Forces!! :lol:


two of the buggers and like skyvet a £3 reward! Just going to shop my Grandad to the crushers now... £3 whole English pounds, going to blow it all on a crazy night out!!!

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