Any newbie doing the 8 week program.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ElectroDreams, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. For those that are currently doing the 8 week program and need to know how far 1.5 miles is for the practice runs try this free Gmap Pedometer which enables you to calculate and pin point a 2.4km (1.5M) run.

    Just enter your postcode, press record then double click for a marker, genius.

    sorry if this has already been posted.
  2. I find is also great for plotting runs and measuring your progress.
  3. requires registration that one.
  4. You can also use google earth, as it has a measurment tool on it.
  5. ....also Walk Jog Run ( yes you have to register but SFW )
  6. is perfect lads!
  7. 8 times round a football pitch...
  8. Is that it?
  9. Ah, but Scarface needs it spelled out in block capitals.
  10. im lucky enough to have an athletics track and sports centre next to me house, 5 times round that and jobs a goodun.
  11. Most athletic tracks are 400m - never bigger. If you are only going around 5 times, you are not running far enough. !!!
  12. 400m for the inside lane. Maybe I'm wrong, but depending on the degree of the arcs, if you ran around the outter lane 5 times, then it would need to be 80m longer, which is possible. If however you ran the inside lane, you'd need to go around 6 times. This is why 400m races are offset, you don't start on the same line. And longer races, you all join the inside lane eventually.
  13. Agree. However, I've never seen anyone run on the outer lane when doing any distance in training as it is easier and more measurable by running on the inside lane. Doing the bare minimum is not enough.

    Mackem appears to be doing the bare minimum which may not be enough when it comes to the physical demands of training. There are far more ardous elements of phase 1 than just the 2.4k and being able to run much further will be a benefit in the long run (no pun intended)

  14. I dont only run around this, I am also doing longer runs, cycling and swimming to improve my stamina and all round fitness. I am of the attitude that I would rather do too much than not enough.

    And yes you are correct it is 6 times on the inside lane, which is what I have been doing. just an error on my part. :oops:

    btw, while we're on, what might the average day phase 1 be like?
  15. Good. thats what I want. im sick of my uniformed life atm. what I should have said is though, you mentioned more difficult fitness challenges than the 2.4km run. I always expected this, was just wondering the types of things they will have us doing.

    I have been presuming it would be a mixture of obstacle courses, team games, weapons training, long distance running, marching and weapons training. Am I on the right lines? Im just trying to get a clearer picture in my head thats all.

    *sorry, just noticed the link. cheers.

    on a further note, after reading through all that, that was exactly what Iv been wanting so thanks very much. Im really excited now, sounds even beter than I thought it was going to be!! :lol:

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