Any MMA in the navy?

I now theres boxing but i was wondering if theres any Mixed matrial arts. That go on or even some Brazilian juijitsu.
I train mma at home in aberdeen so just wondering if at the off chance of there maybe being a club near HMS raleigh for MMA sonce that is where i shall be for roughly a year and a bit?

Cheers all
Cheers. Yeah just wondering if anyone had any experiance withthem and stuff. Also if theres enough time during your basic and/or professinal training do go to these clubs. My professional training i beleive is at raliegh as well. As i am joining as a seamn spec.



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Hmm, not what you said. You asked if there are any clubs near Raleigh, not whether people had attended any... :roll:

Also seems your boxing training has made you 'punch drunk' as your grammar is atrocious! :wink: :lol:

Anyway, I doubt you will have much time for MMA during Part I/II of your Basic Training to do any off-camp activities like this, as you'll be very busy preparing kit, etc. And Night Leave is granted as a privilege, once you have achieved certain criteria. However once you have 'Passed Out/In' you may have more opportunity to attend MA classes at the clubs listed.


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