Any Medical Officers About?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by simian, May 6, 2008.

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  1. I was wondering whether there are any medical officers on here or someone else who knows the score when it comes to enlisting in the RNR.

    I'm ex army was medically discharged a while ago now, injuries cleared up for a few years now, local gp says everythings fine and would sign anything for me to say that I'm clear.

    How would my application go? I understand that I would have the presentation, interview, medical etc. Would the medical be at my current fitness levels or would the fact that I was medically discharged previously hold me back?

    Also, since leaving become a bit of a pie eater and have gained a bit of weight, what BMI am I aiming for to even get a look in?

  2. I'm not too sure what BMI you would need to get in; however, I'd reckon you'd need to be reasonable far on the right side of 30.

    As regards previous medical discharge, that would really depend on what it was for. All the New Entry medicals are administrated through the AFCO - we're not really involved in that side of things.


  3. Talking about medicals. Whats the procedjure with all that do i have to get my docters to get me a list of my medical history or do i just get him to sign something...?
  4. It really does depend on what you were discharged for.

    They do ask certain questions relating to your past medical history such as have you ever had sciatica etc. If you think that something may be an issue then it may be worth getting some info off your GP to take to your medical.

    I found that the doctor who did my medical saw everthing as black or white (and no, i dont mean he was colour blind). The docs have a big thick book which says what people can and can't joing with. I'd had sciatica in the past and therefore i couldn't join, end of story. I appealed and was sent for a medical in London and passed with flying colours. I was going for RN then and not RNR though. I doubt whether they would do that for an RNR recruit.
  5. If you were a Medical Officer in the Army you should know that civilian GPs have no knowledge of Service medical standards so their opinions on your application don't mean all that much! It's like asking me if you're medically fit to go into space: show me the standards and I'll make a stab at it, but how civilians make proclamations about matters they know little or nothing about without reference to the JSP (which we continually do) is beyond me.

    As APN says, your old docs will be reviewed and a decision made: referral to a Service Consultant may be necessary, depending on the original problem.

    Medical standards for entry are the same for the RN and RNR.
  6. Where does the lads mention he was a medical officer in the army?? He says he was medically dischaged from the army. Or am i missing something??

    Obviously the bloke has asked his doctors opinion before starting down the long and painful road of the application process. If his doc says no chance then it saves hi a lot of f*cking about and heartache later. If his doc deems him to be medically fit then its worth him giving it a go. Incidentally i had to get a letter from my doctor confirming the procedure i had undergone, any consultations relating to my condition since the op and my doctors thoughts on my health because of it! I also had to get a letter from my rugby club confirming that i had been playing for X number of years and never had an injury while playing.

    Obviously the AFCO doc has the last say but depending on the condition it is very possible that spinach's doc is asked to provide his input.
  7. Oops - apols - I misread the original post.

    Regarding the other, something which constantly irritates me is civilian doctors (often hospital doctors) making pronouncements on fitness for service when they don't have a clue. There's a large JSP on medical standards for entry, and several BRs for how to administer medical problems after entry - Service MOs refer to these constantly if any situation isn't quite straight forward (like most of the questions on RR). Any question I answer is after I have referred to the appropriate JSP / BR. Certainly if there are medical issues a summary from the GP is useful but any decision is made by the AFCO medical advisor with or without referral to a Service Consultant.
  8. In an RNR context, whenever we need a bit of background on something, we usually produce a letter to the individual's GP with the individual's signed consent for the GP to discuss things with us or forward relevant correspondence.

    There is invariably a charge for this (as it's not NHS work and therefore not covered by the GP's NHS funding) - this can be upwards of £30. For serving personnel, we can get any fees reimbursed; not sure what the score would be if you're not in yet.

    I'd also like to echo comments above re: standards of entry for the RNR being the same as for the RN; as Trehorn has said, if there's any suspicion of things being a grey area, the AFCO doc can refer on to a service consultant for advice (I do know of one or two people who were discharged from the army or marines as medically unfit who have successfully joined the RNR).

  9. Okay thanks for the feedback etc.

    I screwed up my shoudler - kept having it dislocate etc after an injury while serving, was operated on - capsular shift and that didn't sort it and so pensioned out. Anyhow, It's all okay now, I can do just as much as I could when I was in the army if not more as its certainly stronger due to localised gym work in that area.

    The reason I went to the doctor is to see if I should even bother trying to apply. He done an anxiety test and tested movement, pressure and living etc. He said that is anyone askedhe would say that I no longer have a problem. It's also on my medical notes in case I applied at a later date. :D

    It also gives me hope that I may be in with a chance - when I apply, although no doubt with the current climate, JPA and general admin I might end up having to jump through a few hoops.

    Got the information pack through today so the application will be going in soon as.

    Thanks for all of the advice :D
  10. I can almost guarantee you will be referred to a Naval Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery - and I could probably even tell you which one!

    Good luck!
  11. Angry - well let him know I'm incoming :D

    What's he like? What should I prep for etc?

    Is it you?

    Anyhow just so you know I think I'll pass the interviews its just medical I'm worried about. Helps having 4 warrant officers in 4 generations and going to a naval boarding school :D (I rebelled in joining the army instead)

    I appreciate your help in everything you've answered :D

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