Any Medical Assistants out there looking at a joining date this year??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 94seldCO, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering if there is anyone joining up as a MA if so when did you start you application? and when have you been told your going in (roughly)? :-D
  2. I started my application for MA(GS) in August 2010 and my AFCO said I should be going in by next year. I've got a long wait ahead. When did you start your application?
  3. I started the application process at AFCO Peterborough around the end of October 2009. Around February 2010, I moved over to AFCO Hull because I was spending more time seeing my boyfriend who goes to uni at Hull than at home! Plus I had to travel over 30 miles to AFCO Peterborough.

    My CA predicts that I'll be at Raleigh, or receiving a letter for Raleigh around April next year. I hope it's sooner!
  4. i started my application Dec 09 AFCO Plymouth but wasnt old enough to take tests etc until Feb 10 and by the end of March i had taken the RT interview medical and fitness and all the other bits and bobs were sorted too. i was told feb 2012 but i have recently been told by my CA to expect a date this year and its very likely id be going Raleigh in October 2011 as the waiting time has thankfully dropped to 18 months for me. best of luck to you both :)
  5. I have a relative who had their RT April 10 all their tests were completed a few months later and the CA said strong likelyhood of this year as well, same branch as you. All the best
  6. Started my application for MA (GS) in February 2011 expected to start around Jan 2012
  7. Started last month? Sure not feb 10? As that is very quick
  8. Yep last month I am a special case
  9. Are you special because of your beautiful wooley poolley care of Solei perfect washing instructions? That is the secret of jumping the waiting game folks !!!
  10. Absolutely

    I also managed to pass STC Medic selection which is why the wait is shorter. I did get told September this year but it looks more likely to be Jan 2012. Dates are (gen)
  11. Wishing you all the best, you will of course be the smartest recruit at raleigh ( just follow those soleil instructions to the letter)
  12. best news I've heard yet seldco94, gives me a little hope of starting before Aug 2012. Good luck to you too. I really hope you get in by then.
  13. I doubt it I am a right scruffy b'stard but the STC focus more on intellect and fitness so I should be fine

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