Any marine cadets?


yeh i used to be in the army cadets,

trust mate i have had 2 experiences at that camp,

torrential rain staying in one of the old station houses train loading bay thingymajigs and theyre not waterproof just because they have a roof make sure you have waterproofs and plenty dry kit

the other time we ended up ditching the buildings and sleeping in the snow under ponchos.

its a good camp with pretty good training area due to the buildings and lake but always cold and wet.

Hi all

Im trying to encourage my nephew to join the Royal Marines when he leaves school and in the interim to join the Marine Cadets. He was swaying toward the Army (first mistake) and joined the Army Cadets - It was depressing to say the least and all they ever done was drill. (no phys, field weekends or decent lessons)

Needless to say hes left and has now been put off the Forces. I am still hopeful however and am trying to show him that the Corps is the way to go.
Can anyone give me a heads up on what the RM Cadets are like, what you do at weekends and also where the nearest Det is to me (Edinburgh)

Much appreciated


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