Any know how to make doner kebab meat?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Shakey, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know the recipe for doner meat?

    I know it'll be lamb mince, something to bind it together, probably some garlic, but what other spices go in?

    Cheers shipmates.
  2. This is one of those questions that I don't thank mankind should be given the answer to.

    Suffice to say it probably involves a few rats...
  3. You need a skewer on the end of a broompole. Catch 9 (nine) cats......
  4. Loads of fat, some mutton, more fat, erbs, more fat, any odds and ends laying around the loacl slaughter house plus what Geoff said. done

  5. there was a programme on TV about this very thing.Apparently they are made of the best cuts of lamb and mixed with various spices of which are a close secret.Why not ask your local kebab purveyor where he gets his from.
  6. I did - he said it was a secret!
  7. Doner kebabs? Aren't they made from discarded organs rejected by the NHS. I recall you mix them up together, add lots of fat, spices (to disguise the taste) and salt, use FFO (compliments of your local Stoker/WAFU) as the binding agent and roll them into sausage shaped things which are then carefully threaded onto a dip stick. Take it down to the boiler room and ask a friendly stoker to speed cook it in superheated steam. Much better than using dry heat!
  8. Bloody hell Nozzer you sound like you is/was a Chef!
  9. Do you really want to know what goes into doner kebab meat? Me I prefer to stay blissfully unaware of the ingredients (I shudder to think what goes into the commercial stuff you get in your local kebab shop) and just enjoy it. Remember the uproar over sausages in the eighties.
  10. Thanks for that, I just fancied making my own without the extra fat, dogs and spare parts from the maternity ward gash bucket.
  11. Doner Kebab,

    1. Get 5lb of mince and let it sweat for a week or two,
    2. garlic and chilli, get fresh, if not fresh, dried will have to do.
    3. stick it all in a mincer and grind it till it looks like the inside of a ragheads brain.

    4. get a handful(like tossing ones knob) and slide it on to a skewer.
    5. grill until brown(like humping your wifes arse)(but not so smelly)
    6. cover in chilli and garlic sauce add some salad,
    7. Home made Doner Kebab.
  12. I used to live in Thailand, over there they do a chicken kebab loads of boned chicken carcasses on a skewer and then cooked in front of a kebab unit. slice off and throw into pita bread, tastes a bit bland unless you cover it in chilli sauce. Great when your pissed though. I used to grab one on the way back from the short time hotel before going drinking again.
  13. The Kebab wagon at the end of the strip in Guzz did a corcker of a Kebab. Plenty of Chilies, and Chillie sauce.

    Would be shitting through the eye of a needle the next day, taking the piss out of your oppo in the next trap who had the same.

    You would still be finishing it off 3 days later.
  14. guilable AB.....I fort they were elephant's leg chief? :D

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