Any interview tips - HM Specialist


Got my interview next Tuesday and was just wondering if anyone could give any advice, specifically for HM Specialist?

I'm reading up on the different types of ships and boats of the Royal Navy, specifically the Hydrological units and their current whereabouts, but should I be researching anything else?

As I'm going for HM, It'd be great to hear from anyone in the same position, but all advice will be greatly appreciated.

Also does anyone know what the current waiting times are for HM? I can't seem to find any info and the careers office can't give me anything other than possibly by Christmas, which would put it at about 12 months.

Is it a case of dead mans shoes?



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Waiting time WS(HM) is about 12-14 months. it's not really a case of dead mans' shoes, it's just a small branch so courses are less frequent. It's a good job & well worth the wait, so don't get side-tracked into doing something you don't want to.

For your interview, you appear to be doing the right research. Read & ingest the fact sheet:

where do you train? how long for? what survey ships may you expect to serve on? what does oceanography/hydrography/meteorology actually mean? How long is your contract for? how soon can you leave if you don't like it? what do you learn at HMS Raleigh? what does the Naval Swimming Test involve? what does the Pre-joining Fitness Test involve?

Remember dress appropriately for a job interview, be punctual, if delayed let the AFCO know BEFORE you are late, not after. Make sure you take all documentation requested.

The interview breaks down as: Personal Circumstances (You/your Family),
Education (School/colleges to date), Work experience to date, Hobbies/interests including current fitness & finally Motivation (this is where your research comes in)

Good luck, relax, be yourself.