Any interview posts or resources? Don't want to bore yo

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. Hiya. I really don't want to bore everyone with yet another recruitment tale, but i'm having trouble finding out any resources.

    I passed my s*ght test and have been invited to an interview. My trade of choice is marine engineering and, frankly, i don't know a lot about it! Ironically it's pretty much the only trade that i dont have an information leaflet for.
    I have no mechanical experience (the local college wouldn't accept me onto a course because i am too old. I am 21), and a bit afraid that i'll be caught out in the interview. Yes, i'm applying for this trade because i 'quite fancy it', which is not what they want to hear.
    I'm swotting on my ship recognition (for some reason i can only recognise certain ships from certain angles!). Is the ship they show you mostly a frigate or destroyer? Or something else? And i going to need to say it's a Type 42 batch 3 destroyer, or is destroyer acceptable? Need to mention its class? Need to know its engines? :?

    Are they going to ask about my relationship? I haven't discussed it in great depth with the other half because it seems kind of premature- i can't believe i've got this far with recruitment. And i certainly don't want to fail the interview because of relationship concerns.

    Any pitfalls to avoid?

    Lastly... do people commonly fail at this stage? If so, why?

    Again, i'm sorry to be posting yet another recruitment question (can we have a recruitment forum, Mods?), but if anyone can point me in the direction of a helpful thread or website, or chip in a nugget or two, i'd be really grateful.
  2. Re: Any interview posts or resources? Don't want to bor

    I think you're worrying too much to be honest. As long as you can spell your own name and not scrape your knuckles too badly while walking, you're pretty much guaranteed to be accepted into some branch or another. I personally know a sailor who is functionally illiterate and can't even read the lunch menu, didn't stop him from joining. I know a Fijian Steward whose grasp of English is so poor he can't even understand Main Broadcast Emergency Pipes, but that never stopped him serving at sea in an operational theatre.

    As for getting into a specific branch, if Marine Engineer is for you, then as long as you're capable of being taught, you should be fine.

    School Leaver with NO qualifications and the Engineering Technican branch will still take you. You should have no problems. Just don't let the Careers Office push you into signing for whichever Branch they need to fill their quota for that month. If Engineer is what you want, stick to your guns.
  3. Re: Any interview posts or resources? Don't want to bor

    Dear God, Scribes, please tell me this is a bite!
  4. Re: Any interview posts or resources? Don't want to bor

    I only wish it was. 100%, all clips on, gen dit no shit, true.
  5. Re: Any interview posts or resources? Don't want to bor

    The over riding message that we have been given throughout the recruitment process and pre entry to basic is that it is all about attitude. If you have the right attitude and will give 110% then they can and will teach you the rest. I agree with Scribes, they are not looking for someone who already knows it, they are looking for someone who wants to learn it, and can operate as part of a team. My son is going in as Stores Accountant. What does he know about organisation and logistics? At 16 he doesn't know much about anything to be honest, so don't sweat it, I'm sure at 21 you will be more assured and experienced at the interview than he was!
  6. Re: Any interview posts or resources? Don't want to bor

    Thanks everyone, that makes me feel better! I'll just concentrate on being able to put across my points.
    I've done a lot of preparation for joining the Navy (swimming lessons- i couldn't swim before, have enroled on a maths GCSE course, tried to get on a mechanics course), so hopefully it'll show that i'm really up for this. Thanks all.

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