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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by telemarkhero, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi everybody,
    I've got a question if somebody can help, Does anybody know what the rules are for being Mbos'd nowadays I've just been p7rd for an ankle injury that i've been carrying for the last 9months and i've been told that it looks unlikley that it'll get better ,this has realy pi**ed me off. My question is how long do I have to wait to be mbos'd and if i put my notice in while im waiting will they just leave me to rot and send me out without a pension as i've only got 5 years left. Any help advice would be greatly recieved. Tel
  2. 1 Don't even think about putting you notice in till the process is complete!
    2 If you have done over 17 years by the time you get MD'd, your pension is safe.
    3 A chat with your friendly UPO staff might be a better venue for this than t'internet.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Standing by to be corrected, but 13 months was the usual & as stated, don't submit your notice beforehand, if you do, you'll just be released.

    You may also be awarded a tax concession on your pension if the injury is Navy attributed.
  4. After 6 months of P7R(D) you would normally be assessed by the PMO or DPMO of a baseport Sickbay (ie a Surg Cdr or Surg Capt) and at that stage a judgement made about whether or not you were likely to regain P2.

    If it is thought likely you would return to full fitness (for example, in your case, if it was felt more physio would be useful, or if you were waiting for an orthopaedic opinion) then the P7R(D) could be extended, but if the damage was thought permanent then you would be sent to MBOS.

    MBOS will assign a permanent medical category (P7R is temporary, permanent ones are P2 or P3). This will state a specific limitation, eg P3 - unfit RNFT, or P3 - unfit submarine service. An employability board would then consider your future in the RN bearing in mind your branch, seniority and limitation. Permanent medical downgrade does not equal medical discharge - it is very important to realise this.

    Sounds like you need to get to your baseport Sickbay! Any specific Qs then feel free to PM me.
  5. Hello Matey,

    I've just been to 2 MBOS's since July and i can let you know my experiences

    I wouldnt NOT stick in your notice as it will affect your pension and any graduated gratuity you may earn

    they state that they wont make a decision until you stand in front of the board and i believe thats true and if you want to leave they will normally grant your wish, but its still down to naval manpower and if your branch is in low numbers there is a chance you will be retained even if the medical officers make you P8

    Normally you have to be downgraded 12 months in a row or 18 months in a 3 year period, if it gets better and 'breaks' again before your doctor refers you to the establishment occupational health doctor, he will look at your case and refer you via personal letter to the president of the MBOS

    As he/she is raising the letter you will have to go and visit the hospital appointments/MBOS section to start all your paperwork, and there is alot of it, which includes getting all your EMIS medical history - this can take upto 45 days

    the EMIS medical history is important as you need to have all dates where you were seen by medical staff and it helps you fill in your FMED24

    Normally you will not be allowed to attend a medical board within 90 days unless you write a letter to the President MBOS asking to be seen early

    so for example if you were referred to MBOS on the 1st Jan you will not be infront of the board until 1st April and thats if the boards have places available, it took me 8 months to go infront of my first board and because i needed my medical category changed for promotion it took 2 months for the 2nd board, but this was only because all my previous documentation was complete, But i still had to write a letter to the President of MBOS

    Now if the board decide to make you P8, which is unsuitable for Naval service you will get 28 days leave (this is so the RNSWEB board can sit - basically an employability board) + 7 weeks graduated resettlement and a months terminal leave, this all starts from a trigger date which is the Tuesday after your Boarding which always takes place in the 1st week of every month except April, September and December (i think) - you will get 7 weeks because you have served over 16 years reckonable service - reckonable service is from the age of 18

    from the day you leave you will be entitled to:
    Full medical pension which could be tax free depending on if the Navy accepts it was attributable to them even by 1 percent (only prior Apr 2005)
    nice gratuity - which is based on time served dependant on rank - tax free - this cannot be commuted like the normal pension and its index linked immediately
    war pension on the outcome of the war pensions board, but if your injury was after April 2005 it goes to the armed forces compensation scheme who are notorious for handing out nothing
    free medicine for life - if attributable
    loads of other benefits

    you will have to attend a medical resettlement brief at INM Alverstoke prior to your boarding and i seriously advise you to go, i travelled from Faslane and spent a night in Blockhouse and it answers any questions you may have

    if you stick in your notice you will leave with £8500 and a pension at 55, which will be on the time done (17/22)

    But the Navy have a duty of care and they may not let you submit your notice because they are not allowed to sent you to civvy street carrying an injury - hence the reason why you have a discharge medical

    if my English is crap lmk and i will try and rephrase it all - i've got SRCC in 11 days and the only things i'm worried about is defence writing and RORR's reporting - infact i can say i'm shitting myself

    you must have joined up the same time as myself - i've got 4 years 11 months left, i'm a D226 btw

    hope that helps and if you need any documentation to get you started, examples of filled in proformas or any more info, please lmk

  6. Good summary above - only note is that if MBOS makes you P8 (ie permanently unfit Naval service) then the employability board cannot keep you on.
  7. yeah the first comment is true - if they feel you will never get better at the 6 month mark the occupational health doctor can make the decision early, but since you are now passed that, it will probably happen at the 12 month mark

    however P2 is a permanent fit category as in fully fit for Naval service and it a doctor is refering you to an MBOS is is highly unlikely you will leave the 1st board with that category

    if you wish to remain in the service you will be trying to get P3P as there is no limitation on promotion or jobs, they are given via extra caveats

    I'm P3P NSS NOOD unless to NHS standard with doctor taking priority over all operational duties (NSS: no sea service, NOOD: no overseas operation deployments)

    avoid P7P as you cant do 'hee haw' as they say in my area
  8. TBH that its untrue

    a friend of mine was made P8 at the medical board, but the employability board kept him, but he was a ROSM at they were very short at the time, however he is no longer fit for submarine service

    but to agree it is only in extreme circumstances that the board will keep somebody that the medical board have made P8

    The president of MBOS will be there at the RNSWEB trying to fight your case, i found the present President at INM Alverstoke to be a very likeable fellow

    Its a formal military board, but rig is 1C's minus caps
  9. Thanks everybody forgot to mention i'm a bootie, I suppose the same rules apply as were all Navy.
    I had submitted my notice on JPA , but it all got F**ked up as I dont seem to have any heirachy on the system ,so they said I have to come into the upo and sign some paperwork and do it the old way (which I havent done yet!). So it looks like my notice isnt in in any case, is this right or have i shot myself in the foot?
  10. [quote="busterbroon
    avoid P7P as you cant do 'hee haw' as they say in my area[/quote]

    Avoid P7P, the board decide not you, if you say you can do things that you cannot actually do and you are then made P3P it could make you injury worse, it would be your fault.

    I am P7P, restricted office and instructional duties only, exempt RNFT.

    Go to work in the morning come home some time in the afternoon, no duties or anything. Suits me.

    And before someone spouts off about how I should not be in, my preference was for discharge but it would cost a lot of money tax free pension and index linked from day one to get rid of me, also shortage branch.

    Keep me in, figures look better and costs less.

    Will still be putting in a claim through the War Veterans agency though when I leave.
  11. £8500 was that a deal or no deal
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm sure your posts make sense to you, but I'm buggered if I know what you're talking about... 8O :?
  13. its called lateral thinking sarge
  14. differences between P3P and P7P for medical reasons are pretty much nil and i cant go to sea either (at this present time)

    but i was in my promotional year and P7P will never get you promoted, only if the doctor believes you will be better in 6 months (BR1992 CH3), but as well you know, if you've been to board for a problem that is consistant - no doctor will use his crystal ball and take a wild stab in the dark

    You've been to board and you cannot pull the wool over their eyes, i was lucky at my last boarding because they had me down as Neptune and the 'guest' doctor on the board was my actual PMO from Collingwood, so the doctor knew the capabilities i have and was more than happy with the boardings decision

    I'm P3P. but i can still run the RNFT in around 13:05, which is around 30 seconds out for my age, but with a heart condition i feel its pretty good - still faster than a 17 year old girl :) and tbh i was quite fit until i turned 30 then it all went down hill, about a month after my 2nd field gun tournament, things just started to tear and break - i did want the hat-trick of tournaments, but its wasnt to be

    infact now there are 2 leadership schools, RNLA East and West (Royal naval leadership academy) and on the latest RNTM 221-222/07 a medical downgrade of P7P classes you unfit for reduced capacity LR/SRCC and since its a prerequisite to complete some kind of leadership course for full promotion - i guess you can see the problem

    If i wasnt such a drag-ass and was a PO or CPO already, i would have been quite happy being P7P, but during my promotional year, it was awful and during my career course i had to prepare for another boarding as well - and career courses arnt easy

    Problem with this chap is that he is a bootneck and ankle problems seem consistant with P8 amongst the young booties i've seen at boards

    but as urban legends go, if you are in your last 5 years, they state you are pretty much safe due to the actual costs being made P8, to the MOD of course

    and even if i get fixed in March, when i leave in 5 years i will be paying a visit to the war veterans agency myself
  15. Thanks everybody. Have just had it confirmed that my notice hadnt been properly processed yet. So now all I have to wait for is the wheels to turn. What factors do they look at when you are on an MBOS board?
  16. There's an office in each baseport Sickbay which deals specifically with Medical Boards of Survey - I have previously worked in NELSON and the setup there is pretty organised. They will answer all questions, tell you what paperwork to fill in, and advise you. If there are medical queries, you will be advised usually by either the DPMO or PMO. If you're in Pompey get in touch with Nick at the MBOS office and he'll sort you out. I don't know who the contact is in Guz - sorry.

    The big thing is to be honest - MBOS is not a witch-hunt, it's all about sorting a medical category which is right for you. One of the questions you get asked is whether or not you want to stay in and the Board will take that into consideration.
  17. Any info would ne good.

    Just been to Med board with my 'dodgy back' been downgraded the last 3 years of service and enough was enough.

    I requested P8, however they made me P7P until my Tx with 1000s of caveats, so hence the only thing I can do is instruct.

    I am going to appeal and then this will be available at the employment board.

    I just feel a bit seen off since they admitted liabilty i.e my back has been brought on by life in the navy, and also aggrevated, they made me go running on a slipped disc (telling me I had a bad back cos I am a fat knacker lol). However they are seeing me off for a medical pension by keeping me in P7P until my TX date (3 years away)
  18. I fucked my knee in 2001 playing football. I was placed P7RD and was in this category for about ten months. Then I was sent off to Haslar to have some very minor surgery to make sure I had no cartledge tears. After this I was posted to the other end of the country, hundreds of miles from the decent doc I had been seeing and I had to see the shitty, stuck up MO at Drake.

    Needless to say I was MD'd not long after. The upside was that I got a pay off and I am in receipt of two pensions now. But I was really seen of when it came to being looked after. I was treated like shit after my draft to Guzz and it was like no one cared. I never wanted to leave, just the help and support to rectify the problem and get back to sea.
  19. i was medical downgraded for nearly 2 years and had previous been at somepoint downgraded for similar injuries mainly my left knee. I was doing light running to strengthen my leg when on turning felt the left foot go and swelling. I went to sickbay and they assessed the injury and immediately prescribed me as having gout.After 2 weeks limping round I again attend sickbay and given stronger painkillers and sent me on sick leave. After being home for a week i had to go accident and emergency where the doctor asked if i had given a bloodtest and had the foot been xrayed, i answered no to both he sent me for x-ray were it was confirmed that i had broken bones on the underside of the foot they put a cast on . With my injury i was limping alot before the cast was put on so this was affecting my injury to my knee.. Long story short in 2014 I requested my medical documents as when i was discharged from the RM in April1999 i received no documents whatsoever on reading them i was apparently P8 off of a Surgeon Lt Commander in Sept 98 for injuryto my knee and again after attending medical again for my kneei was p8 off a different Surgeon Lt Cdr who said in his reportthat my treatmentover the last 2 yr had fell well below standards expected and was meant to go before a crmmb board soon as the letters arrived in February they say that I am to be informed and to contact resettlement personal. In March 98 i was charged for drink driving while still on a warning in April i was told i was to be discharged on the Monday they told me and Wednesday i was kicked out. Further more I read in the documents that i should have been represented and i could have re-address where Fleet legal would support me again information withheld from me , i now have read that they canot discharge you when still injured and downgraded i lost my pension for serving 12 years as i was on only 2 month from serving 12 year from age 18
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