Any ideas on a good place to practice the bleep test?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Cubeh, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking to start practicing the bleep test, and was wondering if anyone has come up with anywhere creative to practice this?

    My local sports centre would be far too expensive for me to hire on my own. Has anyone ever tried contacting any community halls and explaing that you are looking to train for the army?

    I had this idea, but don't know if they would make an exception to a keen potential recruit.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Has anyone ever tried contacting any community halls and explaing that you are looking to train for the army? ...quote Cubeh

    welcome to RR the ROYAL NAVY AND ROYAL MARINES website.......gonna be a sniper? :thumright:
  3. Easy, I used to practice on a local superstore car park- nice and flat, easy to mark out distance (2.5m width approx per car space) and if you time it right you should get the place to yourself.
  4. Welcome to RR mate.

    Just out curiosity, why would you want to practise the beep test? Its a test designed to measure your fitness, so get your trainers on and get running to improve that fitness!!

    Long distance running
    Short distance speed running
    Cross country

    Get the miles under your belt and vary your running technique to improve in all areas, but dont waste your time practising the test itself!!!

    If you want any specific phys advice, feel free to PM me mate.
  5. I want to get used to it in preparation for joining the RM.

    The supermarket idea I like, guess I'll have to do it around 6am in the morning :)

    And thanks for the advice Spenny, I will still be running under different conditions as well.
  6. Waste of a fitness session mate.

    If your learning to drive you dont take driving test after driving test do you. You take lessons to get better, then have a mock test to check for improvement, then have some more lessons before taking your actual test.

    Just get out and get the phys up. Thats all you need. The beep test is an ASSESMENT to monitor your improvement, not really a phys session.

    6am in Safeway car park, sprinting lenghts with your tapedeck sounding out beeps. WTF???
  7. Haha, you may have a point.

    I would still like to excel in each and every test given to me at the PRMC, however, and would like to try it out maybe even just once or twice to get used to the timing of the bleeps, so I don't waste precious energy near the start.

    I am swimming and running 3-5 times a week each but just thought it might be a good idea.

    I won't take the idea as seriously anymore though, so thanks!
  8. I do agree with Spenny but also think that going through a few trial runs of any test is always a good idea.
    The great thing about practicing the MSFT before the AIB is that you will learn the most efficient way of turning, how to pace yourself and what to expect on the day. The is NOTHING wrong with doing it every week in my opinion. Go for it.
  9. I think a few other people may agree with me on this one.
  10. Need to know the grid reference and exact timings as to when your doing your bleep test sessions so i can have eyes on sara. ding f'kin dong!!!

    I held my units record of 15 something for the bleep test but that was in another life!!!

    :thumright: :thumright:
  11. I understand where your both coming from and agree it would be beneficial to try it once before your actual test, but not to do it every week.

    Sara hes training to be a Royal Marine - he would be better taking that hour every week and doing an 8 mile run, or a circuit session, or a cross country run/hill sprint session, because it will benefit him far more in the long term than a bleep test every week!!

    Remember the bleep test is an assesment and how much improvement do you think your going to see every week?
  12. Well put it to the audience then babe.

    Would it be more beneficial to the overall fitness of a Royal Marines Recruit to.

    A: Do a bleep test once a week

    B: Use that hour to conduct other training (ie: 8 mile run, circuit training session, cross country run with hill sprints)
  13. Can I add another option

    C) Both

  14. I find doing a bleep test once a week really motivating, even if I have only improved by 1 or 2 blasts it really spurs me on.

    I am just a girly, try hard soon to be RN Officer- know nothing about training for the RM. I think Spenny knows what he is talking about but it is all about finding a training pattern you are comfortable with.
  15. I would do both actually Spenny. Firstly because you can assess how your fitness levels are coming along in the form of a bleep test. The second option is more RM specific because thats what the Corps does. You wouldnt go into UKSF training with only having done bleep test training so as i said it is important to do the training that suits the job. However a bit of variety in the training breaks up the monotomy.

  16. Blushing :thanks:
  17. Looonartic!!! :crazy: xx

    Seriously though, if your training for Royal every phys session counts. Now if your training 4 days, resting 2, then I just think a beep test every week is a waste of a phys session and your not going to see a marked improvement in your score either.

    Once every 3 months maybe........then you can see how much your hard work is paying off.
  18. Anyway, about this training location

    :thumright: :thumright:

  19. My bold

    Agreed mate..............thats why I think every week is overkill!! Once a month is maybe more realistic
  20. I should coco

    :love9: :thumright: :thumright:

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