Any idea on this photograph - early 1900s?

Discussion in 'History' started by BriefEncounter, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. Anybody shed light on this old photograph? Date? Ship seems to have wooden decks as well - any idea what kind of ship it might be? I found it in an old fashioned junk shop amongst some Victorian portraits... I'm really fascinated. I love the way some of them are barefoot.

  2. I'd say late 1800's, most went barefoot to prevent marking the deck, wooden decks were used up until WW1 although the practice of going barefoot disapeared before WW1. The sennet hats were abolished in 1921.
  3. Thank you... I always look at these old photos, which I pick up every now and then, and wonder about people's lives, who they were, what they were thinking - its a little sad that they are now forgotten, photos discarded by families (they must have once been cherished). Sometimes I can even trace a person in births/deaths/military records - much more interesting than kings, queens, admirals and generals.
  4. Still had wooden quarterdecks in the 1970's. Men still went barefoot up until the beginning of WWII.
  5. Still had a wooden Quaterdeck until last year, Illustrious.
  6. That's quarterdecks, not main decks and you never went barefoot.
  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I did. Every morning watch we rolled up our bell-bottoms, off shoes and socks and scrubbed the wooden decks with salt water, long handled scrubbers and squeegees. Am I showing my age.. :)
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  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'd recognised you Granny, left hand man in the front :p
  9. Thinking about this, the last ships in the RN that I can think of that had all wooden upperdeck was HMY Britannia or the Ton class sweepers, not that I ever went on them :)

    Unless, of course, someone knows different !!
  10. Holy stoned the tops of "Dido" in Portland 1946 if that's of interest. (that's the 5 x twin 5,25) I was Q turret trainer.
    also may be of interest we painted ship's side in a south westerly gale in No 3's, full blue suit light blue collar we were at a bouy so the further aft you were the more you copped from the overloaded brush merchants. Of course i'm a Senior Cit now.

  11. Well, I pleased you're still with us.

    Sorry for being "sad", but may I ask if you can remember what rate of fire you managed to get out of the 5.25-inch guns ?

    There are lots of arguments as to whether it was 8 or 9 shots per gun per minute, or 12 per gun per minute, or even 15 per gun per minute.

  12. Sorry we never went flat out, but history says she burned out a set of guns on a Malta convoy, a rate of 9 seems reasonable from the drills we did. She also brought out the Greek gold bullion when times were troubled and anecdote says a Chatham Dockyard matey found an Ingot in the bilge during refit.
  13. Tribal class had a section of wooded deck midships that the sailors had to scrub with salt water every day
  14. County Class (at least Devonshire) had some wooden decks if I recall correctly??? But I could be imagining it!
  15. You didn't imagine it.
    I was slightly surprised to see it when I had to visit the Norfolk for some reason in '79.
  16. Thanks

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