any hope for a single mum, ex RN who wants to get into RNR?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by sazaboo, Sep 26, 2013.

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  1. Basically, I am 37, I have a 6 year old daughter, Im a single mum but have a good family for childcare and her dad has her every other weekend and half the school holidays.

    is there any way anyone can see, or has experience of being in RNR, doing training at weekends and school holidays and then at a certain point in time (on a slow track?) be ready for drafts etc when my daughter is a bit older...quite a bit older!

    I was a dabber but in civvy life Im a project manager for the civil service.

    any advise or suggestions gratefully recieved

  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm sure that someone more qualified than me will be along with a more qualified answer but I can't see why not. As long as you can commit to the minimum requirements that is. The TA are quite flexible with this sort if thing but I have no idea about the RNR.

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  3. cheers pal, flexibilty is pretty important...whats the TA minimum required commitment like?
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    From memory, I think you have to attend a minimum of 21 parade nights a year. I think you have to squeeze in the odd cheeky weekend and annual camp in though. 2DD - help me out mucker.

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  5. Speaking solely from experience and not with any kind of official policy hat on, it is preferred that New Entry make it to the majority of drill nights as they run up to Raleigh, although as an ex-regular you might find you can miss a few, but once you're through Raleigh again, drill nights become significantly less important; I know lots of RNR bods who pretty much just do weekends and their fortnight. Mobilisation comes to us all but they're not unreasonable and having to care for a family member is a generally recognised grounds for appeal. No promises, obviously!
  6. cheers uncle albert! how long is the Raleigh training?
  7. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    2 weeks

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  8. well thats do-able...if its in the school hols! I will get in touch with Sherwood and get the details...thanks guys!
  9. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Raleigh has 2 weeks leave at Easter and Christmas and 4 weeks in the summer so no courses then. Sorry.

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  10. Schools often have slightly different holidays depending on county so you can hopefully find 2 weeks where Raleigh is open but school is out. All the best with you app :)
  11. I'm not in the RNR (yet) however I am currently in the process of joining. Like you I'm an ex dabber OM(AW) and like you I also have sprogs. I also spent 5 years in the TA so I have some experience of this sort of shit.

    First things first don't expect any help or fast track because of your previous service. The rules are incredibly vague and my personal experience of the RNR thus far, is that you may have to start from scratch, maybe even doing Raleigh again (don't worry, it's only 2 weeks this time.) However no one seems to actually know, there don't appear to be any hard and fast rules regarding ex regulars and thus far it appears that people just wing it.

    Sounds ridiculous I know, the RNR Sea(Res) branch is basically the same as the OM branch if you bin the ops room stuff and WE side of things. There is nothing the Sea(Res) branch do that you won't already be vastly experienced in, however you will probably still have to go through all the training again. You'll notice I'm using the word 'probably,' that's because I don't actually know what will happen, no ****er does and no one seems to be able to make a sensible decision and just say 'fair dos, you can skip all the shit you've already done a million times before.' You'll just have to suck it and see. Having said that I assume that having a headstart can only be a good thing if you do have to go round the buoy again (I'm hoping so anyway).

    So assuming you will have to start from scratch and you decide to bite the bullet, you will spend the next year or so going through a ridiculously protracted recruiting process, everything you did when you originally joined the RN will have to be repeated, (Psychometric Test, Medical, Interviews, Security Clearance etc.) For some reason this now takes a lot longer than it used to, like I said, don't be surprised if it takes up to a year. As an applicant with former service you'll have the added bonus of having to wait while your old service docs are dug out of the basement in Glasgow before you can even start the recruitment process. It took them 3 months to find mine. Likewise the Security Clearance will take longer for you.

    Now assuming you pass everything, you will probably join a New Entry class or you might join as fully trained AB Sea(Res) (again I don't know and no one can give a solid answer as to how much training you will have to repeat). Assuming you have to start from scratch, you will then spend the next year or so attending your chosen unit once a week going through the NGT syllabus. You will need to attend a few weekends and possibly do a two week stint at Raleigh (again I've heard a vague rumour that you won't have to do Raleigh again, but nothing is confirmed).

    After that you can basically do what you want as long as you fulfil 28 days training a year including a continuous 2 week stint. From my TA experience I was banging in every Weds night and an average of one weekend a month plus the 2 week camp.

    I know I'm coming across as pretty negative about the whole thing and it is incredibly frustrating, however it's gotta be worth a go, as long as you are prepared to spend the next year of your life pulling your hair out. I'm just hoping all this shit is worth it. If I'm entirely honest I've got a fair bit of time on my hands at present, had I had the distraction of a career or 9-5 job, I'd have lost interest months ago.

    Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.
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  12. Thanks 2 deck, to be honest, i dont mind if it takes a while, id got it in my head that I had to do it before i was 40 but its 45 for ex-rn (phew!)
    Ive got a mate who works in the recruitment lark and he is gonna find out some bits n bobs for me...after looking at the roles, im not sure about going back to dabbering...and I might even look at the junior officer requirements.
    My main worry is that I cant make weekday evenings at the mo, maybe one a month? but 1 or 2 weekends a month is fine, and im sure a one off 2 week stint can be sorted...As my little girl gets bigger I will be able to get to the more of the week nights. I might even improve my NAMET 6/0!!
  13. You won't improve you're NAMET Sazaboo, it doesn't exist anymore. It changed to a two tier system called LANTERN which I think has also been superseded.
  14. Direct entry officer requirements are 5 GCSEs at C or above including Maths and English Language plus 180 UCAS points (2 A levels, Highers, HND etc.) There is absolutely no give on this, trust me I've tried. If you don't have these quals you can not join as an officer.

    No reason why you can't join as a rating and get your papers raised further down the line though.

    As for the evenings issue, your best bet is to chat to your unit, they'll hopefully be able to give you some idea of how much you'll need to do. As someone else mentioned you should aim to attend every evening during your initial training but after that it's more flexible.
  15. cheers guys, much appreciated! being a thicko at school I managed to fail maths gcse, but in my civvy job i am a whizz with spreadsheets etc...Im a qualified project manager for DWP...there are a few roles that seem to be suitable...guess Id better find a babysitter for tuesday nights least I know I can do the fitness test!...well Im emailing HMS Sherwood now to find out when I can go down for a chat!

    thanks again!
  16. Hey Saz, PM inbound.

    Giz a buzz when you get a mo.
  17. Sheffield AFCO seem to be pretty good at getting people through the system quickly however being ex-MOB id does take longer - often quite a bit longer.

    Different units do seem to take different routes when it comes to training ex mob. Some of it depends on how long you've been outside. If you want to do RALEIGH again (if you think it will blow away the cobwebs) then it won't be a problem. We do tend to avoid sending ex-RN to RALEIGH if possible.

    Likewise with the INT (New Entry) class. If it's been a while it may be worth sitting in. If you're still pretty fresh then you may be able to skip it.

    Some units run classes for those applicants to attend who have yet to fully complete the recruitment process. You wouldn't get pay or expenses and will not be able to join in some of the more physical training (elf and safety don't ya know) but they are generally seen as a good way to keep your interest and get to know your future ship mates.

    The training after that largely depends on your branch,.

    Good luck.
  18. Quick question...would I still be able to wear my gcb and NATO gong on my nos 1s? But change the branch badge?

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  19. Yes mate. Get your branch badge on Velcro though. They absolutely love changing them ;-)
  20. Good stuff! I was dhp for 2 months to earn that gong!

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