Any good Wii games?!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Beeline, May 2, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know any good games for the Wii? I have had one for over a year, have wii fit, wii speak and various games- but I have played it precisely once. I want to give it another chance, people always want to play on it when they come over but I never let them as it means I have to endure it as well :roll: Any fun games out there? If not I am thinking of selling it for help for heroes/hols for heroes/any other related worthy charities, either suggestions for charities or games! :D
  2. Sell it, it is gash.

    The give the money to hols for heroes or click the link in my sig block and throw it at the Education Centre for Children with Down Syndrome.

    Failing that, take me out to the pub and I'll make it worth your while.
  3. Well I was considering donating to the link in your sig anyway, but in the last hour you have called me a Scary fatty driver, but then maybe I shouldnt take that out on the children. Hmmm...bit worried about what the bit that will make it worth my while is 8O
  4. I did not, you're misinterpreting my words. I merely asked if you were fat and pointed out that your preference for rubbish cars could equate to you being pap at driving.
  5. I have you know misinterpreting things on purpose is a ladies favourite past time! In that case on payday expect an incoming donation to a good cause, and a cut of the wii proceeds if I do indeed sell. Your pub or mine then? By the way, the mirror was lose already before it fell off yesterday after hitting a tree when parking, my driving is still awesome. 8)
  6. Yours, that way in the event that you have the features of a melted legoman, my social standing won't be damaged too much amongst my muckers.
  7. I always thought the idea of a games console was to slob out and let your fingers to the talking, but this Wii is making us gamers more active, i mean my girlfriend brought some sort of fitness/dancing game, and whilst she is jumping around strutting her stuff, repeating what comes up on the television, i am sat on the couch nowhere near as active as her, but still manage to complete the required task with a fosters in one hand and the Wii remote in another.
  8. Sounds good, my friends will get nice and jealous of me being in the company of such a fine man :drool: Every good meeting should come with the gurantee of a free taxi to make a hasty escape in if neccessary, and I will throw in a trip to the local trapping place if you are not satisfied- I accept cards, cash or if a bit tipsy just a cheeky kebab will be fine.
  9. Done.

    Unless you are from Yeovil, in which case I've probably had you already. Leave your mobile at home, don't tell anyone where you are going and wear something nice. If not, I'll bring one of my dead mothers' dresses for you.
  10. Surprisingly, even with the slightly creepy threat of the dress it wouldnt be the worst pub meeting I have ever had. Not from Yeovil, though if you say not to bring a mobile, I have a feeling I may be expected to spend a bit of time there against my will after said meeting? Ah well, a lady with such class never says no.
  11. Excellent, just give me a few days to replenish "The kit".
  12. OK, just make sure you wash it all properly, I dont want to know about 'the others', I want to feel special. And I am not sharing the basement. :x

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