Any good Royal Navy films

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Green_and_Blue, May 22, 2014.

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  1. Was looking at DVDs in a shop the other day and failed to think of any good movies that feature an accurate picture of the modern Royal Navy.
    Any suggestions?

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  2. Making waves.

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  3. Seriously can't think of any that reflect the modern Navy to be honest.
  4. The only one I can even think of that features the modern RN is the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. Not sure about it being hugely accurate. I did chuckle at the big red button to operate the general alarm.

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  5. You didn't have a big red AROOGA button?
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  6. So challenge for media ops. Someone needs to pen a block buster epic about the modern Royal Navy. Remind those at home why we are the senior service and why we UK PLC needs the RN.

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  7. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    William Tosmane is yer man.
  8. Ask mr ghost recon. He probably has some full feature length home movies.

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  9. All very grainy though as they will have been shot using a camera with nightvision only.
  10. It is actually surprising that no one has made a modern film featuring the RN. The subject matter has lots of potential. Master and Commander is the most recent film about the British at sea and it was great. Even silly movies like Battleship - US Navy versus Amish aliens - work big-time. I loved it. Even bought the DVD. My favourite part is where all the real-life veterans join in. (Ah yeah, I'm a sentimental wuss.)
  11. There's one in the pipeline, "Destroyer", about the RN in the Falklands war featuring the sinking of the Coventry.
    That's about as modern as you're going to get in non documentary films featuring the RN.

    Based on 'Four Weeks In May' - IMDb
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  12. I always wondered why the RN were not featured in Battleship. They mentioned all sorts of nations in the joint fleet but no RN. Maybe we were too embarassed to be associated with "chicken borito's" or indeed lines like "Please sir give me an order I dont know what to do!"

    Gota say though I did enjoy the film, most amusing.

    "Wada ya need son?" "We need to borrow your battleship"
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  13. The soundtrack made it I think. The RN were shown/featured just before the heinous poofball scene...

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  14. All the men in dress whites made it for me. :tongue10:
  15. It's nominally set during RIMPAC, which the RN doesn't usually participate in on account of it being on the wrong side of the world. (A rare exception was DARING last year).
  16. Read the comments on the link:

    Appears that the principal shooting was done in 2012/13 and they used HMS Edinburgh (Batch 3 Stretched 42) equipped with 1022, stating it was "identical" to Coventry (Batch 1 Stumpy 42) which sported a old Type 965 Bedstead.

    To quote them:

    "Edinburgh will be used as a substitute for Coventry and although both ships look near identical, the footage will be digitally-altered to iron out any differences, such as the pennant number and the position of aerials and other equipment...."

    oh, and the fact that she is 50 feet longer!

    I feel certain that anyone vaguely interested in the RN will (within 5 seconds) spot the difference, even if they do change the pennant numbers.

    It begs the question; why didn't/couldn't they use Liverpool instead (Batch 2 with a 1022 admittedly, but a stumpy nonetheless)?

    Anorak stowed!
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  17. Recommended viewing.

    Norman Wisdom in *The Bulldog Breed* - hoofing movie and as true today as it was in 1960.


    [Sir Norman Wisdom on F23, HMS TEAZER in 1960 whilst filming for *The Bulldog Breed*]
  18. Are you sure DARING did RIMPAC last year? I think she did some trials in the Pacific followed by Royal Australian Navy Centenary, and then nearly did BERSAMA LIMA before being sent off for hurricane relief in the Philippines. I think one of the Diving Units has been our only contribution to RIMPAC for quite sometime - shame really.
  19. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Try 'We Joined the Navy'. Starring Kenneth Moore and made in 1962, it confirmed to me what I already knew. That when i went through Dartmouth it had not changed in 50 years.....
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  20. Nope, just that she was in the Pacific for the BMD trials off Hawaii. In fact, thinking harder, we looked at getting her into RIMPAC and couldn't square the various circles involved... my faulty memory letting me down again.

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