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Any good RN reading?


Lantern Swinger
Following are a few good books about boats shippers!!

One of our submarines by Edward Young
We come unseen by Mark Ring (story of Britains cold war submariners)
run silent run deep by Edward Beach (novel but based on his own experiences as ww2 US Navy boat captain)
rising tide by some yank (story of russian cold war submariners)
blind mans bluff by Sherry Sontag (story of US cold war submariners)

and Trafalgar class standing orders - outstanding read


Lantern Swinger
Returning to the good reading thread (Ages ago I know)...If anyone hasn't read Spike Milligans military autobiographies 'Adolf Hitler- my part in his downfall','Rommel-Gunner who' etc they are the funniest, filthiest books available about life in the forces and wartime, probably why they haven't been out of print since they were published.
I remember reading them as a young lad and being totally amazed that having been brought up on the Victor and the Warlord, where D-Day Dawson and Braddock VC were total gentleman, here were British squaddies calling each other f**king C**nts and shagging anything with a pulse. If you havent read them, beg, borrow or rob. Have taken them with me on most deployments etc and read them till they fell apart or were nicked, even got me through a Part 3 BSQ in the brief moments I didn't have a taskbook in my mit.
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