Any good RN reading?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by snapdragon, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Just read the post about the Jackspeak book. Can anyone recommend any good RN videos or books or anything? Just out of interest.
  2. Why Britain Should Tremble - A Submariners Tale.

    Read it weeks ago snap's and I'm still laughing about it.
  3. "Lost Voices" - dits from sailors who served in WW1 (most of them written down 20-30 years ago when there were still a reasonable number of them still alive). Harrowing reading.
  4. Tales of the Trogs by John Douglas (not for the squeemish though, so that probably rules you out Snaps!) :wink: :lol: or for something that won't leave you feeling quite such great pity for the matelots, D.L.Summers book HMS Ganges: One Hundred Year of Training Boys for the Royal Navy: 1866-1966 (currently on sale on eBay).

    I can also recommend Henry Baynham's excellent books on the social history of the lower deck that I was reading 25 years ago, such as "Before the Mast" and "From the Lower Deck: the Royal Navy 1780-1840". They are lucidly written and packed with information about conditions at sea.
  5. I'm not squeamish! I once saw an amputed leg in a lift and wasn't sick.
  6. Well perhaps you had better read it AFTER you have completed training, NOT before! :twisted:
  7. Try James Bonds dad on this site its brilliant.
  8. dunkers!!! your right, got a hold of that book from the imperial war museum in manchester, fukn scary, harrowing nightmare stuff!!
  9. To put it in perspective, the loss of life from the sinking of one battleship (an example taken from the book) equates, in terms of numbers, to 20 times the number of British fatalities in Iraq in the entire Iraq war. (~2,600 crew vs. 134 in Iraq.) Imagine suddenly losing several battleships in 1 day, as did happen, the death toll makes for very sobering reading. :neutral:
  10. Flagship hood ,Echo's of a fighting flower both of which i foundvery good
  11. if you want some good information on royal navy history pick up the box set on the history channel or bidtv i got my set on bid tv for 12 pounds and they are invalubale as a source of information and provide a bit about what they are doing at the moment do note that they are a bit briefe and dont go into deatail about the royal marines
  12. Thanks all, getting a nice 'must read' list now!
  13. The Safeguard of the Sea: A Naval History of Britain, Vol 1: 660-1649

    The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain: 1649-1815

    Both by N A M Rodger

    By 1649 you will really wonder how we ever built a decent navy, but it does all come good in the end. Excellent books covering both the sea bit and the politics and funding etc. Excellent books and I am now waiting to get my hands on the next in the series.
  14. When I was on the "TARTAR" by Michael Payne. He was in the Mob 1970's.
    True to life.
  15. Was it going up or down? :lol:
  16. Finished reading it last week. Excellent.
  17. I didn't ask it :)

    I think it was supposed to be going down but went up instead and was intercepted by my colleague. We also found some chicken and chips on top of the sterilised surgical instruments once.
  18. 'The Cruel Sea' by Nicholas Montserrat.

    Better than the film, even if it's a B&W classic.
  19. ???????.
  20. Er, sorry, think i got my tabs mixed up!!

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