Any former SNONI ratings out there?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by AV10L, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi I'm AVOL,
    I'm new to the site. Left the RN ten years ago (why o' why)! I would like to get in touch with any old Northern Ireland ratings. Are their any out there?
  2. Yup - was there from Dec 85 to Aug 86 - I call it my "pregnancy draft". Wanted to extend but my draft chit got raised first. Things I do for an "HMS" cap tally and a medal .....
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Went there in 88 when the bad guys got stroppy, daft *******. The real hardmen had been taken out a good 10 year before me.
  4. yeah i was there at the commcen 94-95

    on Blackwater 1995-98
    on Dulverton 1998-2001
    on Brecon 2003-2005
  5. As you mentioned "old" I was in Sea Eagle 1962. In those days they used to let people off the bus before blowing it up.
  6. I spent several years on the COTT as part of the NI squadron and also worked shore side as well. I was in post when SNONI closed down and Moscow was handed over to the pongo's.

    Sea Eagle was also handed over to the Pongo's and became Ebrington Barracks. I attended the closing down ceremony and had a good piss up. There are plans now to turn the barracks in to a luxury hotel.

    Ironic as I also went on to marry a Derry girl.
  7. Yep, was there for about 18 months, opted to extend ! Back in 87/88. Carl Bray was the RS at the time, was there with Bungy Williams , Nigel Howe.
  8. Anyone remember Lindsey B****** the RUC Boat section trainer?

    He worked out of Moscow Pier...which is now a HQ to some youth sailing charity.

    Ex Royal Marine coxswain...grumpy old git but knew his stuff...and very decent when you got to know him.

    I was one of his pupils...March / April 2000...same time as the Diamond Bulker incident.
  9. Was he the one that always took the dog out on the boats?
  10. I was at Moscow camp for about 6 months before it was given to the pongos. Bloody good draft.

    Also saw "Semtex" the rescued German Shepard after Higgy took her home to sort her out.
  11. Thats him! He thought more of the dog than he did of his students!

    He was an interesting man...won a MiD in the Falklands for his role as a coxswain.
  12. There 86/87 in the convenient great draft would have served the full 22 if i could of stayed there
  13. I was in Sea Eagle in 64, good draft, remember a bottle of Blue Seal wine for 4/6d
  14. Sea Eagle is now a big community space. Radio 1 did there big day out bollox there last year.You and the war office been back lately owtm? you wouldn't know the place. Still got the names above the blocks, Cunningham etc.
  15. Yep 86 to 87 in commcen
  16. Been back to Belfast twice in past five years what a change no segments brilliant drive onto docks couldn't recognise anything
  17. There 80 - 81 when Bobby Sands was promoting his diet course...
  18. Went back after all calmed down had a walk down the falls
  19. Commcen 84-85 with Vince A..... and Chris G...... Did a stint on the Cuxton too
  20. SARKING, been a while since I logged on here! lol
    Yes, Ebrington is amazing now. I'm back there every 3 months or so to see the inlaws.
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