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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chinamatelot, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Aug 5 1975

    32 years ago today, walked through the gates of Gxxxxs, 16yr old skin and essence. :salut:

    Now old and mangled in Hong Kong so rum's on the menu today:

    Chicken feet in rum :pukel:
    Pig's ear soaked and braised in rum :pukel:
    Snake soup with rum :pukel:
    Wife's bottom with lashing of rum (or some kind of lashing anyway) :w00t:

    Rum with rum :worship:

    Put this in Lil's because some bugger will take the piss - fill yer boots!


  2. What a sad issue to put forth. I can only assume that you have been brainwashed by a subhuman force. Made in Hong Kong perhaps.
  3. True, very sad. But when you drink Chinese rum it does things to your head.

    Never mind, I've read worse drivel than mine - only just though!
  4. Aug 1975.
    Walked into Guzz barracks, ex foreign service leave/EVT/terminal leave after almost 24 years, presented ID card to young killick writer (who was sat in office with feet on desk listening to cricket commentary). He said, "Thanks Chief", tore it up, and ditched it in the gash bucket. I then left Drake by main gate, walked to Torpoint ferry, hoisting in the fact that I could no longer enter Drake, or the dockyard and was thence "persona non grata".
    Took a long time before I could adjust myself to civvy life.

    BUT - I had had the privilege of drinking REAL rum for fifteen years of my time and knowing the comradeship and banter that went with it.


    Edited to add - I was no longer skin at that time!
  5. I drank real rum at the '77 spithead review on Devonshire.

    Made my eyes water!

    Can't get anything but Lambs over here.

  6. I thought you could get pretty much anything in Hong Kong?????
  7. Can't get Wood's - unless I missed it in my drunken state of mind. Something called King Robert Rum exists but my God, one must have a cast iron gut to swallow that lot. Mine is knackered after the scrumpy and the rest of the gut rot over the years.

    Thailand has the most interesting whiskey - Mekong. If you enjoy that, you would enjoy KR rum.

    Cheers. Still using my excuse for drinking Lamb's on a Sunday morning.
  8. Mekong ---- absolutely vile stuff, can't touch it. Apparently they still use lead pipes in the distillery...... No wonder there are so many deranged idiots here. lol
  9. Thai Chili helps but not much in the digestion process! A couple of young ladies takes your mind off the pain - but, yuk!

    Anyway, Lambs is doing its job!

    36C up here and the shorts are warming up!

    Cheers again! (hic!)

  10. OVD's plentiful here and Morrisons have so much of it that they're selling it :rendeer:
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  11. I drank the real rum on that day also, but I was on a different ship to you .
  12. We were issued the genuine article during the firemans strike in 78, but it's still available for sale at the Home Club in Pompey.

    Sorry, I think it's called the Royal Maritime Club nowadays. Anyhow, you can still get hold of a tot in there. :thumright:
  13. Remember you could get the real McCoy in Gib in the early 70s, but don't know how long after '77 it lasted - the NIMITZ certainly didn't drink very much..........
  14. Thailand has the most interesting whiskey - Mekong.

    Ah I remeber it well sold on the promise of "Not a Drop Sold until it's an HOUR OLD" The lable came off the bottle before we had finished the first glass
  15. August 1975

    On Summer holidays from Borstal... Oops, I mean my comprehensive school, aged 12, a very slim pre-skin.... :lol:

    Chinamatelot, please could I have a neat rum with a rum chaser, served by a 50 year young, lapsed matelot? :) Hope you're still essence ;)
  16. Loads of Pussers Rum available in the Fife bars
    Supplied by Glass's of Dysart Kirkcaldy

    Regards Jack McHammocklashing
  17. No skin and essence Matelots left over here AAC!

    If I should land on Olde England's shores again, I will buy you a rum, with a rum chaser, and a chaser on top! How's that?


    China (with a bloody great hangover - cupid stunt!) :slow:
  18. Having tried many different brands of rum in the UK and Caribbean, I can wholeheartedly reccommend Cadenheads for a real tot. If you're ever up the royal mile in Edinburgh, make a special visit to their shop and try the cask rum - it is best drunk harry neaters and has a wealth of flavours. Alternativley their online shop is:
  19. I reckon there is a wee bit of difference between a RN issue Pussers tot and a Brand name tot.
  20. Nope, they supplied the RN and when it ended 1970 they went public with the RN recipe exact navy neaters

    In 1979, Charles Tobias–entrepreneur, global sailor, raconteur–sought to resurrect the Pusser's Rum tradition. He obtained the rights and all the blending information from the Admiralty, and formed Pusser's Ltd. on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and began bottling and selling this storied spirit in 1980 to the public for the first time. (Prior to then, it was restricted to the Royal Navy). British Navy Pusser's Rum is the same Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums as issued on board British warships, and it is with the Admiralty's blessing and approval that Pusser's is now available to the consumer.

    The Royal Navy Sailor's Fund, a naval charity more commonly called the "Tot Fund" receives a substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of British Navy Pusser's Rum. Aside from the fund's original bequest, the Pusser's contribution has become the fund's largest source of income.

    Today's Pusser's Rum, known as "the single malt of rum" is still produced in exact accordance with the Admiralty's specifications for rum. Unlike most rums, Pusser's uses no flavoring agents. It is 100% natural.

    A wonderful drop of stuff, but expensive

    Jack McHammocklashing

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