any ET(ME) recruits going to HMS Raleigh in June?

i did mine back in october at the gym the careers office told me to use for it. then when i passed that they put a bid in for me to join the navy. i got my date through last tuesday.
That's a surprise. One would have thought that doing the run a few days after the Great North Run you would get a place straight away.

roberts09 said:
i did my run in october aswell couple days after the great north run, and i still havnt been given a date.
what are you joining as? that might make a difference as to when you get your date through.
roberts09 said:
i cannit wait just over 5 months to get fit and lose a tad weight. :D :D :lol:
whereabouts you from lyk? yeah the trainings a pain, be worth it though in the end. im hitting the gym loads at the moment
What a wonderful thread, the tenderness expressed really does make my eyes water, all is well with the world, and what a wonderful idea........................I think I`ll go onto a website and ask if anyone is retiring this year. Hope you guys keep in touch now.

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