any ET(ME) recruits going to HMS Raleigh in June?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nufc70, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. just wondering if any other ET(ME) recruits are going to Raleigh June 14th? i seem to be the only one on here so far lol.
  2. i am waiting to go in navy but i still havnt been given a date, i was just wondering when did u do your 2.4km run?
  3. i did mine back in october at the gym the careers office told me to use for it. then when i passed that they put a bid in for me to join the navy. i got my date through last tuesday.
  4. im going down there as well at the same :thumright:
  5. i think its the 7th tho not to sure
  6. i did my run in october aswell couple days after the great north run, and i still havnt been given a date.
  7. That's a surprise. One would have thought that doing the run a few days after the Great North Run you would get a place straight away.

  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    doo eny ov ewe ave engrish az a furst language? (stand fast Guzzler)
  9. what are you joining as? that might make a difference as to when you get your date through.
  10. i am joining as ME , i just got my date today i go on 7th june.
  11. week before me lucky git lol! im sick of the wait, ya looking forward to going then?
  12. i cannit wait just over 5 months to get fit and lose a tad weight. :D :D :lol:
  13. whereabouts you from lyk? yeah the trainings a pain, be worth it though in the end. im hitting the gym loads at the moment
  14. south shields m8, i enjo going to the gym just gotta lose some weight but i dont love running but it is worth it :)
  15. I'm going in on 14th of june I'll see you there nufc.
  16. yeah will do. whereabouts you from mate?
  17. Heh, everywhere. I'm from Dubai mainly, but i'm living in Wigan area right now. I'm not sure what an ET(ME) is but my date of entry is June :)
  18. ah all right nice one. :)
  19. What a wonderful thread, the tenderness expressed really does make my eyes water, all is well with the world, and what a wonderful idea........................I think I`ll go onto a website and ask if anyone is retiring this year. Hope you guys keep in touch now.

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