Any E(TM)


I have used the search button before anyone asks, all I found was a 10 page thread with some goon wanting to know how to get promoted quickly, a waste of 10 minutes of my life trawling through that.

Are there any current E(TM)s on here that would be able to give me more advice on what the role entails exactly? I have looked at the official website, all I can find is that my role will be to develop training programmes, anaylse training jobs, training needs and teaching standards. I understand that I will have other roles as being an officer and I'm already aware of them. Looking for more answers on the primary role.

What level will I be teaching? Shall I start brushing back up on my maths as I haven't done it for a while.

Is it a role that is in demand or something that everyone applies for like Warfare officer?

I am aware that the chance of transferring over to another branch depends on a lot of circumstances, most that won't suit me. What are the chances later on if I get the right qualifications transferring over to a pure engineer role? Such as Weapons Engineer officer or Air? Ideally they would have been my first choices but due to a lack of an engineer degree I have to pass on them.

I have also heard that my chances of going out to sea are quite low as well? Not something I'm excited about (staying in England that is) but hopefully I'll get a fair bit of sea time.

Cheers for any help.

P.s, I'm currently at the stage of waiting for my A.I.B dates after sending the paperwork of yesterday.

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