Any driving instructors out there?

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by toycommandos, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. when taking a driving test, how many minor faults in one section will equate a serious fault?
  2. One 'potentially' or actually dangerous action will fail you the test.
    As far as I am aware there is no limit to the amount of minor mistakes you can make; however if you are making a lot of these there will be an almost surefire chance of one of them will become actually or potentially dangerous, basically you will not have reached a sufficient standard.
    Please note the emphasis on potentially, something that if repeated in the future could have serious consequences.
    I have not taught ab initio drivers for a number of years but am involved in the teaching of advanced and increased driving skills.
  3. Which seems more than generous and in answer to the question not divided into sections; you have to get the whole thing right.
  4. I have read about the maximum number of faults but say i was driving an HGV and was picked up for my road position each time getting a minor fault how many time would this be aloud before it is judged to be a serious fault and thus cause me to fail?
  5. You instructor should be picking up on minor or potentially dangerous mistakes you are making and they would be the best person to ask, that is the whole purpose of their job.
    Go back and ask them for an honest opinion.
  6. ok cheers.
  7. If I remember rightly, 3 minors of the same type = fail. However as sussex said, best to check with a driving instructor.
  8. I had a recent job visiting test offices and sites. I asked a number of examiners about successfully passing the test - and they said the real criterion is "do I feel comfortable with this driver? "
  9. I'd agree with you there dunkers, as far as I know it's 3 of the same minors (e.g clearance to vehicles, mirrors, gears) results in a serious which means a fail.
  10. Driving examiners are human not just tickers of boxes, they like the rest of us want to feel comfortable and safe.
    It can take a very few moments to gain or lose that feeling; one of my aquaintances can tell, with pretty good certainty, by the way a driver gets into the vehicle how the rest of the drive is likely to go and he is rarely wrong.
    It may seem daft but try to mentally put yourself outside the vehicle and view how it is being driven, it sounds odd but does work. Also, things change so ensure that the method of handling you have been taught is up to date, and that you have adapted your driving to the vehicle in use; particularly true for those going from car to HGV or bike to car (some experienced motorbike riders have difficulties adapting to driving cars).
  11. I have my C+E test next week. I never realised there was so much involved in driving an Artic!
  12. Driving is in a large part physcological and the rest is procedure and the knowledge of the rules.
    Get that little lot together and your away and running, or driving as the case may be.
    Good luck.

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