Any Divers? Help required!

Firstly, as I am new to RR I would like to say a big hello to everyone. I am 21 years of age and hopefully going into the RN over the next few months!

I was just wondering if there was anyone who knew much about mine clearance diver recruitment? Ultimately thats what I am aiming for though I am realistic enough to know that its going to be very selective, and therefore my chances limited, but I was wondering if anyone might have some info they could give me about what they look for in potential divers?

I def want to go into the RN, diver or not, but any help anyone could offer about Diver recruitment/life would be much appreciated!




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Welcome to RR!

All I know is that you have to be very, very fit. I'm sure there are more qualified/experienced people to give some advice, though.

I'm currently in the process of going through an application for clearance diver so I'll tell you what I know.

From what I've seen and heard, diver recruitment isn't gonna last very much longer. My careers officer is an ex-diver and so can give me all the advice and help I need, If I were you I'd do the same. When I first enquired back in October, he told me that they were looking to intake 150 candidates every month up until December and then it was unclear as to weather there would be any more intakes after that (I guess it makes sense, as how many divers do you really need?).

The one main thing to worry about is fitness and basically the fitter you are the better. I've been told to aim for 3 miles in 22 minutes maximum, if you're capable of that then the acquaint should be passable. The last acquaint for this year that I know of is in November (I was hoping to go on the September one, but got an injury).

So basically bottom line, if it's something you want to do, get your arse down the careers office asap and start the ball rolling. When I first enquired back in October I was told that if I thought my fitness was up to scratch and was willing to do the fitness, medical, interview etc as quickly as possible, provided the paperwork side didn't hit any snags, I could have been in by January!! If you're fit enough, you may get lucky!

Let us know what you decide and good luck.

Hello Saxon
I originally applied to be a clearance diver, past all the selection tests and was accepted with a given entry date, but decided to join the RMR instead.
Obviously, I've never served as a CD, but I think I got a pretty good idea of what I'd of been in for.
You should be aware that Clearance Diving (as glamorous as it may appear) is not nice diving at all. You can expect to be extremely cold, while experiencing zero visibility in an everyday situation. You'll only serve on MCV's which are small ships that move about so your more likely to suffer sea sickness, and if your claustrophobic at all; forget it mate!

Check out these site's too. They're a little dated, but still very relevant
Cheers for the advice there guys, the websites were all really helpful too. Looks like I may need to work on my fitness slightly but that wont be a problem.

Bit gutted to see your comment though Wonderer, I had been looking forward to being paid to dive crystal clear carribean waters, whilst spending my spare time surfing and sipping cocktails :p lol !

Seriously though I appreciate your help everyone, going to head down the careers office tommorow so ill let you know how it goes.

Gollum, good luck with your injury, make a speedy recovery mate.


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