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It could be that the insurance will be invalid if the vehicle is not properly registered ie in a position to display the correct reg number. No insurance can get heavy if you are in a reasonably well paid job, plus of course disqualification would be a possibility.

Local B & Q was offerring hourly rate van hire on a LWB transit sized van for £9 per hour, I haven't looked into it but I suspect that one condition is that you buy something from B & Q


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witsend said:
Question, If you insure a vehicle that has no ticket or tax. Can you drive that vehicle 50 miles to a station for a test legally on the day of the test?

Edit, I know you can book in without a ticket & tax, but is 50 miles taking the piss?

"Driving an untaxed vehicle to an MOT test

You can drive your vehicle to and from a pre-arranged test at an MOT test station as long as you have adequate insurance cover in place for the use of that vehicle.

This is also for vehicles being driven to and from a pre-arranged test at a Vehicle Inspection Check (VIC) test station, an approved weight testing station and reduced pollution test."

Have just seen your edit, Witsend .......

I wouldn't have said so; some people in rural areas have to travel a fair distance to get to a MOT testing facility.