Any Chefs out there?????

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by toycommandos, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. I have a question for the Chefs.
    Can you use Ambrosia Devon Custard to make Bread and Butter Pudding???
  2. Depends.
  3. Ok I will bite.....whisk half a pint of milk with one egg... pour over bread until almost covered then sprinkle with sugar...bake until golden brown.

    Much better than shop bought custard.

  4. Why ask them??
  5. Its not a bite, its been bugging me for ages. Cheers for your help. The main reason is i thought normally the custard mixture has loads of cream in which i wanted to avoid but if you can do it with just milk then thats great!

  6. Ambrosia custard in bread and butter pudding?
    Mmmm! Idea!
    You could always make your own, piece of piss, and make sure it had what you wanted in it.
    Lots of nutmeg on top...Yeeeessss!
  7. Marvelous!!!!!!!
  8. When I make bread and butter pudding (walnut bread is good for this) I warm some milk and add saffron, nutmeg and cardomom and a teeny weeny bit of black pepper and some vanilla sugar. Keep on a low heat for a minute or two and then leave to stand until cold. Then I add well beaten egg. If it's not cold the egg will start to cook before you pour it on the bread which you don't want. I have quite a high ratio of eggs at least 2 for a pudding, maybe 3. Then after pouring it on the bread mix I weight it down with a plate so that the mix really soaks into the bread - a couple of hours. Top up with more milk-egg mix if necessary and bake.
  9. Filed away mate!
  10. Sounds pretty good, I will try this recipe when I get back to civiliasation and let you know how it turned out. :salut:
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer


    Pour pile of sugar into bowl, crack two eggs in & beat up to mix. Grate rind of one orange over the top. Chuck in handful of sultanas. Pour in about a pint of milk, may need more later. Butter 5 slices of white bread, place in mixture and carve up small with knife and fork and squash down into mixture. Add more milk if needed. Place in hot oven about 45 mins until golden brown.

    Take large glass, add ice cube, drip in generous helping angustura bitters, much more generous dollop of gin, roughly equal amount tap water. Take in hand and sit and think about Universe.

    Eat rest of meal which has been sharing oven.

    Take out B&B pud when done, serve and pour over a fair amount of Connie on your own helping. Enjoy.

    Hope someone else will wash up.
  12. you should also try making a chocolate one too

    use hot cross buns,, sliced spread with choco spread, then make as per normal bread and butter pudding..

    also try. cheese and bacon.. makes a great savory dish too.

    made same way as sweet pudding but using lots of grated cheese and pre grilled bacon... ( no custard tho...LOL).very nice served with baked beans or plum tomatoes or even mushy pea's .......

    enjoy, xxxx
  13. mmm i like the sound of the hot cross bun one!

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