any chance of fasktracking?? how likely?


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Hi, Ive been in the application now since october and am going on the RNAC on oct 11th, i just wanted to know how likely fasttracking was?
im probably looking at end of next year to go in for an AET as i havent passed my fitness yet, am waiting for the RNAC,
I have electrical and engineering qualifications, any idea if whn they give me a date itl be pushed forward??


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Probably nil unless alot of people decide they're not interested anymore but your best best is to call your CO.

Ive been waiting since end of october for ACH, can i ask you, did you ask to go on RNAC or they they tell you??
The waiting lists are the average waiting times for a specific branch, so they can differ. Once you have an allocated date that will be the date you go in on. If you are still waiting and near the top of the waiting list then sometimes you can get early entries, if someone happens to drop out.

But in honesty you can expect to wait approx 24 months for AET from the date you sat the RT.

Your own CA is the best place to get info about entry dates etc.




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Yep as SM has stated, the allocation of start dates is not merit based, so previous experience is irrelevant for ratings.

There is a fast-track scheme for AET after they join. About the top 5% on course may be entitled to accelerated advancement but again, not to be confused with any fast-track methods before joining - there aren't any, unless as SM states there's a short notice cancellation.


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StixJimboRM said:
burnsy85 said:
any one know the waiting times for august or they just the same as july?
Give N_S a chance, its the first working day of the month FFS!!! :roll:

:idea: Why don't you ask your AFCO?
why dont you boil your head it was only a question out of Curiosity
Best bet contact your AFCO.

I'm signing up as an NA AH, but who knows as to time scale. Just have to keep waiting.

RT - Oct 13th - passed
Medical - Nov 21st - passed
PJFT - April 6th - passed
Interview - May 27th - passed

Now the long wait
Whilst down pompey the past 4 days i met up with a couple of friends, one of who had only passed out early July. I got talking to one of his friends, who passed out the same time, and he applied jan/feb for AET and he got a start date for May.

Luck of the draw i guess!!
Something doesn't ring true in your story!

Basic training for the RN is 9 weeks, so he may have finished that, but AET training is 22 weeks long so he can't have finished that.

If he did apply in Jan 2010 and get an entry in May 2010 he must have been extremely luck as I certainly have AET's that have been waiting alot longer than that. In fact I wouldn't under normal circumstances even have processed fully an AET in 4/5 months.

Sound a bit fishy to me



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