Any buntings able to answer this piece of trivia?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by McGrew, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Not sure whether this is posted in the right forum but here goes.

    I was having an argument in the pub over the number of separate pieces of cloth are required in order to sew a Union Flag/Jack.

    I remember a really old and bold Yeoman saying it was xx and it was the only thing he remembered from his initial course when some old and bold yeoman told him etc.

    I haven't put the number in since I did not wish to influence the answer. Anyone know how many pieces it is (and break it down?) in a pusser's jack.

    No prize - but I'd be pleased to know. The t'interweb has not been particularly helpful.

  2. Is 14 too obvious an answer?
  3. Thanks for the response - as for 14 - it is too obvious. The answer is a lot more than that but I cannot recall what it was exactly. I'm not sure whether a bunting some years unpicked one and counted the bits.
  4. Its made up of 31 pieces.

    We have an old battle Ensign here at Collingwood in the 'Tactical' section.

    Counted the pieces on the 'union' section of said Ensign.
  5. Thanks for that - i thought that the answer was in the 40's although i am not too sure how the word piece was defined - ie the halyard bit plus the englefield clips etc.

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