Any Booties in the London Ambulance Service....

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Dutybootie, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. I'm rapidly approaching 11.5 years service with her Majesty's Finest and have just banged my chit in. Spent 7 years as a signaller then understandably saw the light and became a medic (hang on......) yeah anyway.

    I'm in the process of applying to the London Ambulance Service as a student paramedic and I'm looking for any ex booties who may be working there. It's time to call in the old boys network as the fact that I hail from the UK, don't sh*g blokes (when not on ops haha) and don't drive a wheelchair means I'm probably going to be up against it in the recruitment phase.

    Any help or advice is hugely appreciated.


  2. Yeah dont do it mate!! You will be uber frustrated with the clientele from the word go believe me!!
  3. Fair one Royal, currently working at MCTC so they can;t be any worse than these useless cnuts!!!

    It;s a good route in, great training and not much of a wage cut from the Corps. See your point with the clientele though.

    Are you still in?
  4. Recently left due to health issues but i still keep my hand in. I wouldn't say don't do it but as i said the shite you will get will well outweigh the good jobs and as you have been in the Corps a fair while you will find that civvies will really piss you off with their whining and bitching.

    Good luck with it anyway!!

  5. Stop being a Beefer and TTQ a whole bottle of ‘man-up’. I Know who you are and am amazed that an actual serving Bootneck actually posts on this forum!!! That’s 2 of us then!



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