any body wating for a peda date ?

just wondering if anybody out there is wating for their peda date to come through?
also if they know the dates that they are on during the year?
LujonSA said:
Waspie said:
sussex2 said:
Pray explain 'Peda'...
Glad you asked, this fossil hasn't a clue either!!! :wink:
Me neither, I suppose I could look in the peda file if I knew where to find one.
Ooooh peda-file!!!!! :D

However as this is the Nubie section I am falling in line and asking cos no other sod can be arsed to use the search function.!!!!

Goose and Gander principle! :lol:
PEDA = Pre entry divers acquaint.

It's the course that diver candidates attend to see if it's really what they think it is and the diving school get to check out the candidates fitness for training. It is a pass or fail course.

Hope this helps you all


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