Any Biomedical Scientists?


I'm currently applying as a Biomedical Scientist Student. I just wanted to hear from any Biomedical Scientists serving (I know there aren't many but any advice / tips would be great!) about what you get up to in a day? Do you serve much time at sea? Was there a long waiting list because of the intake of 2 per year?

If not Biomedical Scientists, any Medical Technicians in general would also be helpful to say what you get upto as well.



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Med Techs don't do much by way of sea-time. There's usually seagoing billets on the Carriers or perhaps RFA Argus, but not for all roles. I've seen Haematologists, Physiotherapists & Radiographers serving afloat but usually only briefly and many for their first and last time on a ship.

Suffice to say if there was another humanitarian crisis such as the recent (ish) Ebola outbreak, or more emergency disaster relief required in the wake of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc, then things could well change in future with regard the likelihood of serving at sea.

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