Any Aircraft controllers here?

I'm AET but my missus is looking at joining up (!!!!!). She's about to apply for aircraft controller. Anyone able to spin any dits on it?
What it is, what you do, the bull shit involved. etc. etc.


If you're an AET, why don't you ask an AC? There'll be loads knocking around in your vicinity. Get the face to face gen over a wet.


Can safely say I aint ever seen one apart from trainees at yeovil! lol
There'll be a few kicking around down 815.

I'd love to give you the lowdown but I haven't been small ship's flight or at the AC school since 2010 so anything I say will likely be out of date ref an NA(AC) / LAC's life at present.

Drop me a PM and I'll do my best to write you a warts and all dit.
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