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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by T1989, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am in the process of joining up as an AET and was wondering if any of you wouldn't mind answering a few questions...

    After the basic training what is the Sultan training like? And how long until I stop learning and start 'doing'?
    Also how often do you get to go away? From reading a few posts on here it seems some people don't consider AET 'proper' navy... (WAFU...)
    Finally if you could describe your 'average' week at work when you start at your first base that'd be great!

  2. I can't comment on the course but I doubt the training standards will any different to those at other bases.

    You never stop learning

    No one can tell you an official answer some go away alot some don't.

    You want my average week? I watch divers enter the base I watch them leave the base. I go back to my cabin I sleep I get up and repeat the process for either 5 days of days or of nights with 9 days off inbetween.
  3. So not a lot of AET-ing in your role as an AET??
  4. No not a lot of AET in my role, but that would be because I'm not a WAFU.

    Their average week consists of testing clicky bed, lying on clicky bed, putting clicky bed away, getting in rack. Although some of them may disagree with that though
  5. You knows it!!! :D

    Dont forget, collecting Hotel reward points, moaning about ships, off-airstation pay and crab baiting!!! :D
  6. So all RN aircraft are maintenance free now!?
    And I wanted to play with spanners =(...
  7. Sorry my bad for leaving those valuable points out :lol:
  8. Don't worry, most woo's are spanners. You can play with them :wink:
  9. Built like audi's, top them up with fuel and water and off they go. Put them in the Hangar at night and get on the lash!!!

    In the real world, you will be fixing non existant aircrew reported snags and hanging around a lot while the flyboys do there thang!! :D

    Get used to reading the Sun from back to front at least 3 times a day and read up on the joys of crab baiting on here if you are lucky enough to be drated to Gods Aircraft (Well its bastard son anyway) :D
  10. Well it doesn't sound like a bad life...
  11. Yeah when they change to a general service branch
  12. meow.
  13. Cant be arsed with a week, so here's a day. I work 24 about, 0715 till 12ish then 24 hours off, then 1200 till 2200.

    On an early, come in, sit on my arse till someone bothers to muster everyone, this is depending on whether your A/C is serviceable and flying that day or broken. If it's tits, you will assist a supervisor in the repair or carry it out yourself iaw the correct procedure. This is up to the supe and they will decide on based on your experience/ reputation. If it is serviceable then i come in carrying helmet and high vis and sit on arse until the aircrew have finished their cuppa and tabs and decide to work. Then will go out onto the "line", possibly refuel, and send marshaling signals to the pilot. Someone else will observe each engine when starting. I/oppo then stand there in front of the cab for 30 mins. Pilot then fucks off, if all is well he shall be back in 2 -3 hours to change the crew and refuel. Meanwhile, jeremy kyle will be on so you can be surprised at just how awful the human form can be. At then end of the flying day/ when its due, an after flight servicing will be conducted by aet's. This consists of a detailed check of the whole a/c and is usually conducted by the plane captains. Then back to the mess for a nice ****.

    Sea time - no guarantees depends on aircraft. More sea time on Lynx and merlin...
    Sultan was a doddle, i understand they have changed the course to be more hands on now, they have about 12 busted to shit seakings for you to electrocute/main/fall off/stab/poison yourself on.
    The WAFU thing is just banter. there just pissed that they live on some 'orrible ship when youve got a nice single man cabin with an en suite.
    Good luck :D
  14. So did I but I came away with a sense of humour and qualifications and I'm currently serving. You're not a WAFU yet shipwreck.
  15. You're too special
  16. I would'nt go around introducing anyone as my " special navy buddy"
  17. Notice this thread, makes no mention :roll: of working late at night on your cab, in the lower hangar in 140 degrees, in your shorts and sweat rag bands, when a nice smelling pilot emerges from the wardroom in his best whites and cummerbund, smelling of old spice and pinkers, and asks you when will she be "S" :evil:
  18. Don't be silly Scouse that would be letting a truth get in the way of a good dit now wouldn't it!
  19. 8O Tommo?

    He says: "Come back & try again when your acne has cleared up a bit more" :wink:

  20. :lol:

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