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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Benny687, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. hi

    jus going through the process for joining the marines, was hoping to get any advice about ctcrm from anyone whos been through it?

    cheers in advance

  2. Sorry matey, never heard of it, but I know a man who might help you. Reckons he was a professional killer. :lol:
  3. ah yes Lympstone, they will look after you there , nice little cosy home from home, a 30 week vacation of 4* accom and chefs head hunted from frances finest restaurants, high jinks around the pool, adventures in the Devon counryside a bit of boating in glorious Poole harbour, lashings of ginger beer and as much mud as you can eat, it's said tha Enid Blyton based her adventure packed books about the Famous Five on CTC and now your'e part of the whole spiffing lucky boy!

    hahaaaa sucker.
  4. sorry was my question too complex for you? i was asking for advice, can we limit replies to people who preferbly have both a cerebrum, and something helpful to post?

  5. If you have signed up already and don't know what you are getting into you will fit in just fine.
    A sense of humour would be an asset if you can find one before you join :wink:
  6. Mate, you are in dire need of a sense of humour, especially considering your chosen future employment or you are not going to last 5 minutes me old china.

    I am sure one of the Royals will enlighten you on all the information required. Until then, try and chill out a bit eh? :wink:
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Cerebrum? - check;
    Helpful advice? - grow up, chill out and develop a thicker skin!

    If you'd taken the time to look at the general type of postings on this site, you would have realised that RR is not a replacement for the AFCO. Having posted the initial question and been disappointed you should have again taken time to review the site before whinging about unhelpful postings.

    Take heart, you're not the first and surely won't be the last.
  8. Benny 687 your`e not from the Falkland Islands by any chance are you?
  9. Benny, is the sky blue on your planet? you have signed up for the toughest 30 weeks of your life, you will have already watched and read all there is to know about the Corps (why else are you at this juncture in your life ?) and time spent on your potential recruit course will have given you more than just an insight.

    It's a koan (a buddhist meditation that you think about and it gives you a little lightbulb above your head-realisation!) the gentle humour was lost on you and if your reaction to this is to go into "sticks and stones" mode may I suggest before you get down to Devon you 1) grow a sense of humour and 2) become a grey man. (both will become apparent)

    You posted the question already knowing the answer, it's basic, the response was not what you expected because 1) you are young (?) 2) full of preconceptions, 3) got your head a little to far up your own arse (no offence) and 4) feel that Gary Glitter was misunderstood.

    All of the above and a lot more you will be relieved of at CTC, it's a sort of disposing of the old you (emptying the glass of tepid liquid before it can be refilled with something better) a true life changing zen experience.

    It's an old cliche but the price of a green beret in the naval stores £6.50 or 5 gallons of sweat, a pint of blood and an ocean of tears, if you really think there's some easy fix or gentle state nirvana that will float you on a cloud of fluffy marshmallow toward said piece of head wear this is your wake up call. erm... still not what you want to hear?.

    Talking of cliches, here's the oldest one in the book, even you may have heard it "If you cant take a joke you should'nt have joined" my guess is you may hear quite a lot of this one.

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