Any advice appreciated


I'm going through the application process (early stages) and have been sent the following email:

"Dear Candidate,

We are now in receipt of your application for the Royal Navy... You are now required to contact this discuss your application.

If you satisfy the eligibility criteria, we will arrange a convenient date for your recruitment test & explain the selection process in more detail."

Is there anything I should try to say or try not to say when I speak to them on the phone , most likely tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

Ronald Avy

From my experience, it is just to book a recruitment test and go through some common questions that would normally bar you from entry

Like tattoos piercings asthma...

Not an interview don’t worry


Mine was essentially -

"Hello, are you human? Can you breath and walk at the same time? Do you know what day it is?"

How did you get on?


After a week I got sorted. It was just a few basic questions as stated. Recruitment assessment booked in for the end of this month.

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