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Hi Everyone.

I have just sat my RN Recruit Test last week. I had originally put my top three choices as 1) Aircraft handler 2) Seaman Specialist and 3) Warfare Specialist. I sat with my career advisor after the test and he informed me that all 3 of my choices have a long list of recruits waiting, and due to my age (35yr 6mth) I will not be able to go for any of them. However, I scored well on my test and he's told me I can apply for pretty much any role that falls within my age range. However, the impression I got was that most roles have a long wait time, and he seemed to be pushing me towards the SubMariner Service. This does interest me but I have a lot of reservations about it. I have just been sent some basic info on the RFA and the Seaman Specialist Apprentice appears to be a multi job role, which seems to be more relevant to my original three RN job preferences.

The money once qualified seems to be a good wage (+ RFA Bonus) and 84 days leave after each 4 month patrol.

Has anyone on here had any experience with the RFA? Any further information would be much appreciated.



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There is a subforum dedicated to the RFA. Start by reading the threads within and you will find most if not all the information you need.

Take note, you would not be on 84 days leave after a 4 month appointment until you were offered a permanent contract upon completion of a 2 year apprenticeship.

Also, the RFA "bonus" is now incorporated into salaries.

Not sure what info you have been reading but it seems to be out of date.

I suggest you read up on PERSEC too.

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