Antony village shocked by gay triste revelations

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. Fcuk me took mum in law out for lunch today alas all is not well in the Ring of Bells in Antony a quiet little hamlet just outside Torpoint about a mile from Raleigh. Currently run by two brown hatters (but nice guys) anyway today being mothers day they were chock full but alas one of them has been shagging out of watch and after the handbags at 10 paces routine one has a fcuking heart attack and rushed to Derriford. Chaos for dinner yorkie puds soggy, roasters raw and brown hatter (healthy faithful one) throwing hissey fits all afternoon.
    Better than Eastenders out here.
    Proper Cornish
  2. Do Cornish brown hatters try to interbreed? :p
  3. Yes Slim on a regular basis
  4. That's epic! My cousin only lives around the corner (near St Germans) I'll have to get him to go and wind them up a bit. Maybe he could pretend to be gayer number 4 in this little episode.
  5. Fook me 2DD me and yer cousin might live next door to each other does his missus do a turn or does he swing with a bent cricket bat
  6. He is banging some Plymothian 'glamour model' (read big titted barmaid who wants to get into modelling). They don't live together. He deals in sports cars, you may have seen him driving like a cnut in a lairy motor at some point.
  7. Stan, I admire your carin' personality in taking the MIL out for lunch, I'm equally impressed in your lack of bigotry by patronising a hostelry hosted by people with such diverse activities and opinions. My admiration is further enhanced with your understanding as a paying customer, not receiving an otherwise VFM meal under the extreme circumstances.
    I trust however, you defended your MIL's innocence by shielding her from this charade...?
    You'll do for me mate..!! :lol:
  8. He's not one of the rip off *stards at Castle Motors is he?? mind you bought a hoofing Toyota Celica from there a couple of years ago dog cock red like shit off a shovel. All Plymothians bints are wannabe models, their beauty depends on the level of their pasty addiction. Bet you can still remember Wheelers and Harbour Lights in Torpoint
  9. She's barmy as a fcuking fruitcake and it all went over her pre senile demantia head. She thought the soogy yorkie pudding was the duff and the gay banana had forgot to put his custard on it
  10. No he hates the cnuts at Castle Motors. He is an independent trader, mostly specialises in left hooker imports from the Continent, usually bought to order.

    Wheelers is legendary. You haven't lived until you have got a blowie from a sprog wren in the shitters there.
  11. Doesn't have to be a sprog wren any sprog will do when you live down here.
  12. I used to go to the Ring whilst at Raleigh in 88. Loved the place, all the other trainees went to Torpoint or Guz it may have something to do with I was 22 and all the others were 16-18 year olds and couldn't wait to get away from the fcukers.

  13. If he's the [email protected] that drives on the Torpoint twister like it's Le Mans he needs to be taken to the Bells and given a good reaming. Barsteward has nearly had me a couple of times cutting corners when I've been going in the opposite direction :evil:
  14. how ironic that two Hermers run a pub affectionally know as "the ring" !!
  15. What kind of motor was it? If it had a prancing horse on the front it was probably him.
  16. Furk knows, I'm normally too busy taking evasive action at the time

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