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Lantern Swinger
So true. The best anti-virus solution is just to not download the damn virus in the first place!
So true. But you do need something 'just in case'. I'm pretty good on staying away from iffy things, dodgy sites and activities. But a nephew once downloaded a virus onto my PC and I've got one from somewhere myself... my first (2nd if counting nephews) virus in a decade of use.

My steps are:

1, stay away from porn and some 'free' games and screensavers, etc, aimed at kids.
2, turn off the preview pane in the email program. Make you you have to double-click the email to open it.
3, don't open emails from unknown senders. I just delete them.
4, be suspicious of email attachments.
5, always scan new files you've downloaded, or recieved via email, with anti-virus.
6, be doubly suspicious of a file with a double 3 letter extension. i.e > filename.scr.exe <
7, set your PC folder & files settings up so that the extension of the file name is visible.

The virus my nephew left me with also gave me a 100+ hour headache as I struggled to get rid of the virus, the damage of the payload, and the wrongs I did in trying to remove the previous 2.
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