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Anti Trick or Treat Equipment


I have been contemplating acquiring a flash steam generator, plus a steam hose to greet any callers announcing their presence with the words Trick or Treat. Where to source such equipment at short notice? I suppose it would be useful for carol singers later on in the year.




War Hero
Chocolate covered Brussel sprouts seemed to work year before last, didnt have anyone come back last year.

MG Maniac

War Hero
Wire the door kocker to the mains ... works well with the mother in law too!

Answer the door dressed solely in lederhosen and wellies holding a hammer dripping in tomato ketchup.

Have a bucket full of stale piss in an upstairs window and empty it over anyone knocking at the door


War Hero
You miserable cunts. I hope little chavs dressed in scream masks, brick your cars.

Halloweenists, don't tend to come here, it's not worth walking half a mile to a remote country house on the off chance we'll be in and willing to dole out sweets.


Lantern Swinger
I'm going to say "How about that guys and gals?" after I've given them some of the worst, cheapest sweets I could find.


War Hero
Took the battery out of the door bell, Mrs bought a smashing tub of Cadbury chocs and I'm fucked if the little scrotes are having any - there ALL mine.
Boil some sprouts.Let them cool. Then dip them in chocolate,and put them in cupcake holders.Come out to the door with them on a plate, with some nuts and fruit. A mouthful of cold sprout water,in chocolate.Trick or treat you little darlings...:tongue2:


War Hero
Boil some sprouts.Let them cool. Then dip them in chocolate,and put them in cupcake holders.Come out to the door with them on a plate, with some nuts and fruit. A mouthful of cold sprout water,in chocolate.Trick or treat you little darlings...:tongue2:

It worked 2 years ago see post #5.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Well those that were brave enough to try "trick or treating" in the wind and rain were sorely disappointed when they got to my house, after I painted "PAEDO SCUM" across my front door. That'll learn 'em!
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