Anti tank projectile Robin Hood Airport ex RN diver examines

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by trelawney126, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Trelawney: I'll forego any comment on the likely status of the AT shells but what leads you to believe an ex-RN diver was involved in this incident? Royal Navy Clearance Divers are trained to deal with ALL types of ordnance but other RN specialists are trained to handle live ordnance in their jobs, too.

  2. Only a CD would have the bottle to examine live ordnance on their laps. Doubt very much if any of the former UW branch would have gone near them
  3. The AT shell, wouldn't go bang in a million years unless it goes through a very specific series of actions to arm everyone getting excited about it is a bit Daily Mail. Every weapon goes througha vast amount of Ordnance Board tests to ensure they are safe to handle...including dropping it from height onto all sorts of surfaces to ensure it doesnt go bang, also has to endure heat and flame tests, so panic over return and stow all outrage.

    Having said that, it would be a cnuts trick to open and investigate in the way described... sounds more like an AB gunners trick to me.
  4. Having worked for pusser in explosives, I have to agree with Spidiver that the rounds were perfectly safe, even had one dropped off his knee. As stated, all ammunition goes through rigorous safety tests before being issued to the armed forces. What I would be worried about is the fact that a customs official broke open two sealed boxes of ammunition. On what authority did he carry out his action?
  5. I always thought HM Customs & Revenue had the authority to do what ever they wanted including opening baggage/boxes as per their whim ... [email protected] don't even need a search warrent to enter any premises (although happy to be corrected on this) however ..... the dork in question was reported as "Border Agency" which I thought was a separate organisation to the Customs and Revenue boys (and girls) ... again I could be wrong ... but thought that the Border Agency was limited to stamping passports etc.

    Personally if faced with anything that was designed to go bang ... I'm going to leave it well alone!
  6. MG, the report is a bit confusing. At the start the guy who handled the ammo was Customs, but the incident was reported by the Border Agency. At the end of the article it says that a UKBA employee opened the boxes. I agree HMRC do have wide ranging powers, but on the subject of opening and handling the ammunition, I think the individual overstepped the mark. I would also like to know more about where the stores came from and where they were actually going to.
  7. Come on Navy-Net (and RR) get your shit together! I have just received a e-mail from you about Navy Net and RR and one of the headlines is: Ex Matelot nearly blows up Doncaster airport! WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOKS!!!!!!!!!
  8. Your last post is confusing me Onions, who's been sending you e-mails? I'll check when I get home but I've never received one from RR.
  9. Onions..I got that one as well.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's probably the newsletter Wrecks
  11. Fair do's Janner, I don't subscribe to that.

  12. Still doesn't answer why you thought it was an Ex CD?
  13. What other branch would you suggest that have the bottle to " examine ordnance".
  14. Now if it said ex DIVER nearly blows up Doncaster airport we would probably all have cheered ... but then wondered why 007 was having a bad day !!!! :biggrin: :clap::laughing6:

    yes it was ... I got it too!
  15. Ok I confess that it was me and i might have been slightly OTT with that claim!
  16. Quote "The UK Border Agency said it had learned lessons from the incident."

    This sentence has replaced, the cheques in the post and of course I won't cum in your mouth as the biggest lie of modern times!
  17. Got nowt to do with bottle. But good training and experience. I sincerely would like to think that any 0801 trained CD would not be ******* around with HE shells.

    Im sure if your professional credibility was brought into question you'd go on the defensive. I'd love to find out if this cowboy is either MIExpE or even explosive trained.

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