Anti social family to be evicte

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by slim, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Only problem with this Slim is you make get these feckers next door. A pathetic rule someplace states they must have shelter. And with having ten brats they will probably be housed in a National trust cottage someplace.

    Regarding ASBO on a neighbour that is fine as long as you are staying there forever. You sell your place and the solicitor finds next door has a ASBO served then there is no sale. Another genius plan brought in by our Tony I think not!!!

    Personally I would send them to Motswabana land but that would be unfair on others.

    What is comical is they have been at this for sixteen years. And the council think they have done so well.
  2. what about the children??? are they to suffer because of the parents
  3. The children will be the "DO NOT WORRY THEY NEVER EVICT FAMILIES WITH KIDS" scenario so do as you wish and sod everybody else. Seen it so many times before.
  4. They started doing this up here a good few years agoand it is having an impact. Once people realise that something will happen they take notice. Although there is no obligation to rehouse as these people are intentionally homeless the council where I used to liv does rehouse those who are evicted but under very strict terms and so far no one has been evicted twice, and the problems seem to be getting better. They have even got people evicted from homes that they own themselves, but for periods of 3 or six months.

    Once people realise there is real substance to the threat of eviction they tend to sit up and take notice.
  5. Its the children who are the problem. however this problem was probably caused by a lack of parenting.
    Sorry Josiecats I have more sympathy with the neighbours than withnthe children. I'm sick of all the PC types saying "what about the children".
  6. fair enough slim....the neighbours must have gone thro hell an back..havin lived next to people like that i do understand....the kids of my neighbour wore rages while she wore only the best ,,they stole because if they did not they were beaten,,,,, after all some one had to pay for her addictions,,,
  7. The children are usually a large part of the problem and are in these cases very seldom blameless.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What about the kids? Do people suddenly get to an age when they're off our 'Love List'? People are idiots, regardless of they're age... :shock:
  9. Then this is a case where social services have a duty of care. i.e. the kids should be removed from the situation and put into the care of the local authority.
    I have no respect for addicts, especially those who abuse their kids.
  10. the children were removed eventualy,,,this was many years ago,,
  11. The 'eventually' is the real problem, people start to think they can get away with it because all they get is the odd visit and letter. Swift action before things get out of hand works wonders in many cases, when people realise the boundaries they respond, if they find none theykeep pushing, a bit like kids and dogs really.
  12. Sorry Maxi we seem to be too close on this one, I must change my viewpoint :smile:
  13. Thanks
  14. Oh b*gger, I agree.
  15. The council backs down, nice, what a joke, so the neighbour decides enough is enough and clumps one of them or takes the law into his own hands and boom, he will be knicked and the babylon won't back down on that.
    I pity the victims, I can imagine a little old lady or normal family that have to put up with this nonsense. Unfortunately, I think the right thing to do is break the law yourself and make sure the yobs suffer. Bringing yourself down to their level? Maybe, but how much crap do you need to take, everyone is entitled to a bit of peace in their own home.
  16. Problem with taking the law into your own hands is the law then decides to prosecute you. A few years ago a couple of guys in Norfolk decided to teach some young car thief a lesson. He was bundled into the back of a van, driven about 25 miles away and dumped in the middle of nowhere. result two men without any previous convictions end up serving time for kidnap. One scroat with loads of convictions goes free. Justice in merry England

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